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10 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Renovating Your Bathroom

by Nathan Zachary
Bathroom Renovation

It is more than just changing the fixtures and coatings in the bathroom. The reform can be used to create a more evenly distributed bathroom to maximize the space. This post will explain how to avoid making these mistakes.

The bathroom renovations Richmond hill Specialists said that renovations are a very huge responsibility. It is important to make sure that the results are not forgotten.

It is important to think about what you need and how it should be distributed so that style and distribution are appropriate for our lifestyle and budget.

This is also important when renovating a bathroom. We need to plan well, regardless of the size. A beautiful, functional, and relaxing bathroom is what we all desire. Certain mistakes are necessary to avoid them.

Spending too much time designing before you begin.

The bathroom design must be practical, regardless of whether it’s the main bathroom or a small one. Good design will result in a space that is useful, simple to maintain, and less expensive to build. 

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It is important to consider safety zones when installing electrical points.

The Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulation prohibits electrical installations in areas where there are no power outlets or lighting.

Create a luxurious bathroom

Too much furniture or furniture that is too big, in dark colors, or with elaborate decor, will reduce the visual perception of space. Consider light-colored furniture and covers, and be mindful of the dimensions of the furniture.

It is important to consider the distance from the downspout of the toilet.

It shouldn’t be more than 1 meter. To get more slope, you’ll need to raise or bury it.

The bathroom is located in the middle of the house.

It is best to not place the bathroom in the living or dining rooms. We won’t like to see it while we eat, or lounge on the sofa. It is best to position it away from common areas

Don’t go to the bathroom.

Due to the size of our current homes, it’s difficult to find enough space to install the toilet in a separate area. However, we should make sure that the toilet isn’t the first thing we see upon entering the bathrooms. 

We can make the bathroom dual-purpose, which is to separate the shower and toilet so that two people can use it simultaneously without compromising their privacy.

Bathroom without windows

A bathroom that is dark and damp is not conducive to relaxation and well-being. A bathroom should have natural light and ventilation.

Install a shower with a curb

A shower located at floor level makes the bathrooms visually larger, and easier to clean.

Selecting the wrong screen

The number of leaves and type of opening should be considered so that the screen doesn’t get in the way of the shower and allows for safe access. We must therefore be guided to select the one that is most suitable for us based on the size of our bathrooms.

A countertop is not necessary for the sink

Functionality should never be confused with aesthetics. So, no matter how attractive a sink is, if it doesn’t have a countertop, we won’t have enough space to store our things while we wash, apply makeup, or get dressed.

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