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10 tips to make your Instagram Stories much more attractive

by Nathan Zachary
10 tips to make your Instagram Stories much more attractive

Your Instagram stories is no longer the only option to draw in followers and differentiate yourself from the competition. Instagram Tales have amassed over 500 million daily active users since the feature’s launch in August 2016, which means at least half of Instagram’s total user population creates or views stories every single day (West, 2021).

This implies that you have the option to engage with your Instagram audience in two separate locations on the app, so don’t blow it by posting boring Stories and images.

The thrill that comes with starting something new and the goal-setting we do during that excitement are its best features. The saddest part is that we never take action to achieve those goals! (eazyresearchwp, 2020). So, we’ve compiled 10 Instagram Stories design tips to help you engage your audience and produce eye-catching graphics that your followers will want to see again and over again.

1. Create a storyboard first.

Instagram Stories can be used in a variety of ways. Stories are a terrific way to interact with your audience without having to be as polished as your feed, for everything from promoting new blog posts to sharing new features and more.

This frees you from worrying about whether your live video, behind-the-scenes photos, or iPhone photography will fit in with the rest of your material.

However, you still want to make sure you’re creating aesthetically pleasing themes for your Instagram Story visuals that entice viewers to watch.

Using a storyboard to properly lay out your tale before you even begin on the design is a terrific approach to getting started.

2. Keep to the lines.

Remember when you used to color in elementary school? (Or maybe just last Tuesday in your adult coloring book). It’s important to learn the rules of the game.

There are some fairly crucial boundaries and guidelines for your Instagram Stories that you should also adhere to.

Your username and the various options to interact with your tale are displayed in the top and bottom portions of your story visuals, respectively. These parts shouldn’t contain any important details or design components.

3. Establish a style manual for the story.

For your Stories, you can use fully finished visuals and brief video clips, but Instagram also provides a tonne of design components you can use to accentuate your material.

Consider creating a style manual that details the font selections, GIF types, filters, and other elements that your business of personal statement writing service uk can use from IG Stories to maintain its brand identity.

To have it on hand whenever a team member creates and shares an Instagram Story, you can build this style guide in a variety of formats. A story-specific style guide can assist increase brand recognition even more because there are so many varied design preferences. Use fonts and colors from your brand.

4. Keep your creations consistent with your brand including your Instagram Stories.

This implies that you should have your brand kit, which should include your logo, typefaces, color hex codes, and more, ready to use.

When your followers are merely reading through their tales, using your brand’s typefaces and colors makes it easier for them to recognize you. Without even needing to read your login, they will instantly recognize one of your graphics as being from your business-like dissertation writing service London.

5. Utilize photography

You don’t have to use only original graphics in your Instagram Stories. It’s a good idea to occasionally freshen things up and include pictures.

The appeal of Instagram Stories is that not everything you share needs to be well-made and of a high standard. Instead, capture some behind-the-scenes photos directly in the app using your smartphone’s camera.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the countless free stock photo possibilities as well. Just make sure they are appropriate for the material you are presenting and your brand.

6. Boomerangs, please

The Instagram-owned app Boomerang has been included in their Stories. By opening the Stories camera and selecting the choice immediately to the right, users can simply access it.

A boomerang is a brief video clip that loops after one to two seconds and can be entertaining to make. Instead of sometimes snapping images, use this to inject some individuality into your Stories.

7. Include a text-shadow.

Utilize Instagram’s in-app design resources to your advantage. By adding two layers of the same text in different colors, you may add a text shadow directly from the dashboard for creating Stories.

Simply type your text in a lighter or darker tone and position it on your Story where you want it to appear. After that, apply your primary shade in the same way, laying it on top of the shadow at an angle.

8. Utilize symbols to create design components

There are five different font choices available for Instagram Stories: Strong, Typewriter, Neon, Modern, and Classic.

Your letters and symbols, therefore, come in five different styles. You can add some fantastic design elements to your Instagram Stories by rotating and enlarging a few of these letters and symbols.

Look at the illustration below. These components have all been added to the Instagram Stories dashboard with a unique icon.

9. significantly more color options

You will immediately have access to three pages of colour selections when you launch the text or drawing features, but you are not constrained to just those 27.

You can choose from a spectrum of even more colours by holding down on one of the offered hues.

Additionally, you can directly select a colour from your image or graphic using the colour picker. If the graphic you provide includes your logo, you can add more items in your brand colours or just match them to the colours in the image.

10. Put a rainbow or Ombre effect on your text.

Let me start by saying that this is difficult to master. But the outcome is cool. You must type your material out before choosing it all or just the word(s) you wish to Ombre to get this effect.

You must then hold down the screen on top of the first letter before moving on to the colour you want to start with.

You’ll slide through the colour spectrum and simultaneously slide across each letter to produce a rainbow effect. You should move from top to bottom or bottom to top to generate an Ombre effect.

Start creating now!

Start producing your own breathtaking Instagram Stories to astound your followers. Use your Stories to generate website calls-to-action, poll and quiz your audience, show off what goes on behind the scenes, and more.

You may easily plan your Stories so that you’ll be reminded to post them when the time comes, which will help you keep organized.


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