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10 Wedding Jewelry you must Shop from Swarajshop: Best Artificial jewellery shop

by Nathan Zachary
10 Wedding Jewelry you must Shop from Swarajshop: Best Artificial jewellery shop

Looking for the best artificial jewellery shop in India? then choose Swarajshop. Every bride’s dream is to look amazing in her wedding gown. And this is possible if you know how to match your wedding jewelry to your wedding lehenga or wedding gown. Here is a collection of the most stunning and well-known wedding jewelry pieces that every bride should own. Combine the best to create a stunning imitation jewellery set for a bride.

1. Necklace

A necklace is a typical yet significant piece of any wedding jewelry set. There are numerous varieties of necklaces available on the market now to suit both deep and shallow pockets. Let us look at some of the most popular varieties of necklaces available in India like chokers, Rani Haar, south indian necklace, etc. 

2. Anklets / Payal

Payals are lovely, exquisite pieces of jewelry that are worn on the foot. It is sold in pairs and is worn on both ankles. These payals are typically made of silver metal and include a variety of classic designs and beautiful patterns. Some of them may also feature small metallic bells that rub against one other to produce a melodic sound when the bride walks, offering her an air of mystery and elegance.

3. Nath

This traditional wedding jewelry complements your overall outfit. Makeover your appearance with this gorgeous nose ring. Although not everyone feels comfortable wearing one. If you want to go for an extra magnificence look, add this touch to your bridal dress. You don’t need to have your nose pierced because naths that can be put on to the nostril from either side are fairly common and equally lovely.

4. Kamarband

This wedding jewelry is worn around the waist and features ornate patterns made from coins and beads that can or cannot be precious metals. Kamarband is wedding jewelry that adds a subtle grace to the wearer, and it can be worn with either the bridal sari or the wedding lehenga.

5. Ornaments for Hair

When it comes to the finest hair accessories for girls, hair ornaments are everything you’ve ever wanted. They come in a variety of styles and patterns, and it will be tough to decide which one is the most beautiful.

6. Baaju band 

The baaju band or armlet is a magnificent piece of jewelry that is worn a bit above the elbow and comes in a variety of styles and shapes. This was also worn by males in ancient India, it is something a bride might wear. However, this is more of a fashion accessory than a necessity for a bride to wear, yet it is now used as wedding jewelry.

7. Maang Teeka

It is stated that hair-splitting is very important in a Hindu wedding, which gets us to the next wedding jewelry, which is called Mang teeka. A maang teeka is a small chain that is worn on the head at the parting of the hair, with one end hooked to the hair and the other end dangling on the wearer’s forehead. The dangling section is mostly a pendant, giving the overall effect of being very traditional.

8. Earrings

Earrings swiftly change a casual outfit into a formal one. It’s no wonder that brides often have a huge assortment of earrings in various sizes and styles. The ‘artificial jhumkas‘ is a very traditional Indian design that every bride must wear, but you can also have adaptable simple bands or studs.

9. Rings for the fingers

Finger rings come in a variety of styles and colors to reflect the bride’s unique style. It is also one of the first pieces of jewelry given by a man because it is an engagement ring. Also, Rings have traditionally been associated with adorning the hands of brides alongside their wedding gowns.

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10. Wedding Bracelets

They are also known as bangles and are typically fashioned of precious metals such as gold, platinum, or coated gold. You can wear hathphools as well look so different. Shop now all of the above at the best prices in our artificial jewellery shop.

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