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12 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Creating A New Website

by Nathan Zachary

Websites are the new business card. Your website is what people see first when they need to know more about your products or services. An attractive website with an easy-to-understand GUI can help increase customer retention.

This will increase your conversion rate and help you attract more people to your sales funnel. A website serves a larger purpose than you realize.

These are some of the mistakes you should avoid.

1. Disruptive pop-ups

Popups are not necessary for many users and often block the view. While you may want to use pop-ups for sales, they can cause problems in the long term. You will not only rank lower but also it will affect your ranking.

Google now takes into account website loading times as well as how the UI looks to rank websites higher. It is time to end pop-ups. Pop-up advertisements are often viewed as malware by older people. Your website can be made worse if they’re not optimized for mobile.

2. Auto-playing videos containing sound

Video is the best marketing tool and communicates your message well. However, this only applies if the people listening are willing to hear your message and have access to fast internet. A website’s homepage that plays an auto-playing video can be a deal breaker.

3. Navigation Issues

It should be easy to find the information that you need and mark where you can clock. You must also be able to comprehend everything logically.

People want to be able to get what they want faster than ever because of their shorter attention spans. Your website will not help them if they are unable to figure it out.

4. Non-Responsive Design

Non-responsive designs mean that the website doesn’t adapt to the device where it is being viewed. A website designed for mobile devices is not the same as one for desktops.

Your website must be compatible with every device. This will ensure you get the best website result every time. Denver web designer will ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and looks amazing on every device.

5. It is impossible to scan content

A wall of text is likely to be visited by people as soon as they see it. The person reading the text on the screen is slower than what they would read in a book. You will also need to emphasize the presentation of text when you have a website.

6. Loading Times

Google’s updates have stated that Loading time will be taken into account when ranking websites. Your website must load on every device faster than your competitors.

7. Typography

The website text must not only be error-free but should also be easy to read. The text should not be too hard to read. This will make it easier for your audience to stay longer.

8. Visual Content

Today’s graphic design is essential. Make sure you have enough graphics content in case you are planning to create a new website. It should be simple to see.

9. Contact Information

It should be easy for visitors to see how they can reach you on your website. You can use this information to contact you about the product or service, or for general inquiries. Clear information will result in more customers.

10. Links

Open links to another tab or browser ruin the user experience for people who visit your website. These clicks can happen accidentally or simply because someone is curious. This can result in a poor user experience that could lead to you losing your business.

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