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12 must-have wedding artificial jewellery for the Gujurati Bride

by Nathan Zachary
12 must-have wedding artificial jewellery for the Gujurati Bride

Gujaratis are known for their extravagant celebrations at weddings and beautiful ethnic jewellery set. A Gujarati wedding is an event that shouldn’t be missed at all costs, with celebrations lasting for days and each event livelier than the one before it. The Gujarati bride, who is equally unforgettable, is stunning in her red and cream Panetar or Bandhani Garchola saree and stunning ethnic necklace set jewellery. Classic Gujarati bridal kundan jewellery set features floral designs, gemstones, and polki work. 

Here are a few of the kundan wedding jewellery that every Gujarati bride needs in her jewellery collection https://www.swarajshop.com/.

1.Chooda and Bangdi artificial jewellery

Gujarati brides traditionally don ivory Bengal saris in red and white. The centerpiece of the bridal attire is the chooda or group of bangles. Glass and gold can be used to make additional bangles. They also use bracelets with gem or kundan embellishments to enhance their bridal dress. The chooda is worn for 30-45 days following the wedding, just like at many other Indian weddings.

2. Dodi:

 The delicate meenakari and kundan artificial jewellery work on the surface of this gold necklace, which has a beautiful antique touch, instantly making it a favorite among Gujarati brides. To complete the ensemble, this necklace comes with a matching pair of earrings.

3. Damini

What distinguishes the bride is the matha tikka with damini. The damini conceals the front of the head, giving the bride a stunning appearance. It also hangs on the forehead and has the tikka sewn into the center of it. The bride looks absolutely stunning when wearing matha tikka and kundan, or stone-encrusted golden damini.

4. Kil 

A large golden ring and a chain that may be fastened to the hair make up the popular Nathini, which is popular among Gujarati and Rajasthani women. A costly or semi-precious stone, such as Rose Quartz, Kundan, Diamond, Polki, etc., is frequently used to ornament this nathini. Typically, silver metal is used to create nose pins, or “Kil.” While some women prefer a little stud, others enjoy donning a large nose pin with floral embroidery.

5. Hathphool

Hathphool is a gorgeous, classy adornment that is both traditional and contemporary. The hathphool normally comprises a wrist bracelet that is connected by chains or beaded strands to a circular pendant that rests on the back of the palm.

6. Kandora:

The bride is held together by a kandora, a variation on the wildly famous kamar bandh (waist belt), which also draws attention to her curves.

7. The Chandan Haar

Chandan haar, one of the traditional jewellery items, is just as important as rani haar. A lengthy chandan haar is made by joining several gold chain strands into one. It is a beautiful piece of jewellery worn by Gujarati brides that enhances their appearance.

8. Baju Bandh

This flexible gold armlet, which has colorful and intricate meenakari work stamped on it, fits snugly on the upper arm of a Gujarati bride. It is a mark of traditional luxury. This is a classic Gujarati Meenakari resin white bangle. The bangles have intricate, richly colored Kundan, pearl, and other precious stonework.

9. Butti in Kundan 

With its style and grace, Kundan Butti has won the hearts of all Gujarati brides. This vintage bell-shaped jhumka, which is embellished with jewels, rubies, pearls, and uncut diamonds, exudes elegance.

10. Todi: 

The todi, a dainty anklet placed around the bride’s ankle before she enters the mandap, is appreciated for its delicate appearance in addition to its ritualistic significance.

11. Shinka: 

This headpiece, which is exclusive to Gujarati brides, is forged out of gold and covered in gemstones. It has drop beads that caress the bride’s forehead.

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12. Dodi: 

The delicate meenakari and kundan work on the surface of this gold necklace, which has a beautiful antique touch, instantly makes it a favorite among Gujarati brides. To match the ensemble, this necklace comes with a matching pair of earrings.
When it comes to Gujarati bridal jewellery, the selections are endless. On your particular day, dress however you like. You can check out a wide range of collection of artificial jewellery set with Swarajshop. They are the best kundan jewellery wholesale suppliers in India.

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