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12 Unstoppable Tips for Having a Clean-living Room

by Nathan Zachary
12 Unstoppable Tips for Having a Clean-living Room - Cleaning Services

Your living room is your home’s most busy room. In an actual living room, we relax on the sofa, read a book on the armchair near the window, and enjoy moments with our loved ones. To feel good in your living room, keep it as clean as possible. However, with so much activity, keeping it in best shape is not a piece of cake. You have to keep it clean by following a cleaning routine. Don’t have the kind of time or energy? No worries, you can book cleaning services online to keep your carpet, sofa, chair, and curtain as good as new easily and affordably.

Important Cleaning Tips

Here are some of the effective cleaning tips that you can follow to keep your living room spotless:

1.    Dust the Sofa & Carpet

It might not be a stain you make every time you take out the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the sofa and the carpet in all corners to remove the dust.

If you have stubborn stains on your sofa, you can book cleaning in Karachi online.

2.    Clean the Couch

If your sofa is removable, cleaning will be easy. Otherwise, arm yourself with a brush and household alcohol to give it a fresh look.

3.    Clean the Carpet

Over time, the rug may have tarnished. It’s time to give it back all its shine by polishing it from top to bottom. To do this, use a steam cleaner or scrub with a push broom and baking soda.

4.    Clean the Curtains

 The curtains are often forgotten during the extensive cleaning. However, they capture a lot of dust. Therefore, it is time to undo them to take them either to the washing machine or the dry cleaners. Don’t have time for this? Book cleaning services in Karachi to get your curtains cleaned in a hassle-free, reliable, and cost-effective way.

5.    Clean Cushion Covers

We take off everything during this extensive spring cleaning! Cushion covers are one of them. Be careful to check the labels to wash them in the machine. A doubt? Wash them by hand!

6.    Clean the Furniture

Tackle the dust in the living room that may have slipped into the corners of furniture and decorative objects. Move it around to remove the particles using a dry microfiber cloth.

7.    Vacuum All Over the Living Room

Bend over backward to vacuum behind and under living room furniture. You would be surprised at the dust accumulated in these places!

8.    Sorting through the Drawers

The drawers can quickly be filled between mail, electrical wires, DVDs, or CDs. So now is the time to sort things out, check the working order of certain elements and organize the rest in specific compartments.

9.    Dust Off Electronic Devices

Television, telephone, internet box, and other electronic devices must be dusted. This helps to avoid overheating. Do not use white vinegar but rather a dry microfiber cloth.

10.  Wash the Windows

You should not forget about the windows in the living room either. White vinegar and a microfiber cloth will be your allies so as not to leave a trace. Cleaned windows provide additional light.

11.  Clean Baseboards

We often forget to clean baseboards. Take advantage of a floor wash to make your baseboards look like new. You will see, it makes all the difference.

12.  Tidy Up in the Library

Do you have a library in your living room? It’s time to sort through the books to keep only your favorites. You can place the others in a public book box near you to benefit passers-by.

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