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2021 Benelli 180S 2021 Newly launched in the Philippines

by Nathan Zachary

The 2021 Benelli 180S has recently been launched in the Philippines. With its handsome, high-tech look, it has taken its place among the small displacement sports street bikes.

Let’s start with the exterior design. The Benelli 180S has a sharp, stylish and compact design statement. It has a Yamaha MT15-like Deltabox twin-beam frame, which is both stiff and lightweight. The headlight design is similar to that of the Benelli TNT 249S, with full LED lights and an LED dashboard. With a 10 litre fuel tank and tyre sizes of 100/80-17 and 130/70-17, the overall appearance is light and compact. The Benelli 180S has the same water-cooled, triple-plug 174 cc engine as the 2021 Benelli R18i, and delivers 18 hp at 9,000 rpm and 14.5 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm, with 260 mm perforated discs and three-piston calipers on the brakes. The braking section, with 260mm perforated discs and three-piston calipers, is visually and performance wise.

In general, one looks for the best product of a brand at the top of its catalog, but this is not necessarily always the case, since equipment or performance compared to its peers in the segment can crown a small displacement motorcycle as one of the best. brand products. And with the Benelli 180S this happens a bit.

The Benelli 180S is a model that shines for solutions and equipment, rarely seen all together in the same product in this category of almost initiation, where it rivals motorcycles ranging from 160cc to 200cc.

In terms of design, although this is a very subjective point and on which we may not all agree, it is a very well-achieved model that finds its main hallmark in sports. A true small bottle streetfighter is the Benelli 180S.

Its sharp and aggressive lines are complemented by full LED lighting, equipment that not all its rivals in the segment have, as well as a beacon switch or ignition cut when deploying the crutch with a gear engaged. Generally we do not pay attention to items like these, but on a small displacement motorcycle like the Benelli 180S, everything adds up and it shows.

It is a very compact motorcycle, a feature that will fully impact its ergonomics. The Benelli 180S is a motorcycle suitable for pilots up to medium size, and this, if you will, will be the reason why many users do not take it into account as a purchase option. With my 1.75mts I have no problem for everything that is urban displacement, natural environment of this motorcycle. The high and delayed position of the pedals cause a fairly pronounced flexion of our legs.

The seat, correctly soft, and 810 mm high declared by Benelli (the truth is that it seems less thanks to a very narrow central area) together with an adequate handlebar position, round off an upright posture and that, contrary to that of the legs, ends up being very rested and natural in the Benelli 180S. Our eventual passenger will manage as best he can with a really small seat, although luckily he has a decent padding and some holes under the tail that serve as grab handles.

At the controls of this Benelli 180S we find some solutions that Benelli uses in higher segment motorcycles, but that stand out in this 180. In this sense and in a quick review we find a fully digital display (the same as the Benelli TRK251), a button at the base of the right mirror to change between trips without having to take your hand off the grip, a variable diameter handlebar and even adjustment in distance of the brake lever. Details that are valued, and much, in this segment. The bad and train to ask, it lacks a USB charging socket.

The familiar monochrome LCD reports speed, engine rpm, gear engaged, fuel level, coolant temperature level, time and trip trips. The pineapple commands are very good and are consistent with what is offered in the category. As for the mirrors of the Benelli 180S, perhaps we would like them to have a slightly longer support arm so as not to lose the field of vision reflecting our forearms, although it is true that they would already protrude too much.

The Benelli 180s is priced at 129,900 pesos in the Philippines (about NTD 72,000) and is available in four colours: green, black, white and black.

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