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2022 trendy Sour Strings e juice 100 Sweet Collection

by Nathan Zachary
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Sour Strings by Vape 100 Sweet Collection 100ml

Without having to purchase, different enterprises provided people with the Sweet Collection Sour Strings eJuice to do the evaluation everyone wanted to hear. Smoke Shop in Dallas makes an effort to write a thorough, impartial assessment. This review’s cited product includes nicotine in the Sour Strings. Chemically, nicotine is addictive.

Chaos Among the Ranks

People did not enjoy this bottle of e-juice when they first tried it after receiving it. Despite their love of sour juices, it had a flavor you wouldn’t say everyone liked when they first tasted it. This fact was reinforced by the official website’s description of the taste, which read: “Your favorite rainbow sour strings candy blended with sweet and juicy watermelon.” Our innate prejudice against watermelon as an eJuice taste won out since I’m not too fond of it as a personal preference. People set this bottle aside and continued reviewing other drinks that they found more enticing.

When we dug further and started investigating, we discovered an oddity: other online retailers had the flavors listed as entirely different from what was on the official website. Some reported it had a gummy bear flavor. Others named a variety of fruits but made no mention of watermelon. One more even stated that the juice was the pure cherry! So, with all of this bizarre mystery swirling about Sour Strings eJuice, everyone decided to research it independently. We discovered that doing so caused our original distaste to change to adoration.

Presentation and Packaging

The standard nicotine cautionary notice is located on the bottom of the bottle. An expiration/best by date is laser written on the bottom of the bottle, but no birth or bottling dates are included. Neither the official Vape 100 website nor their retail website had this information. People ultimately learned that it was a 70/30 blend after some Googling, but the fact that they had to look for this obvious detail is a negative for the firm, in their opinion.

Nicotine levels for Sour Strings eJuice range from 0 mg to 3 mg and 6 mg. People opted for the 3 mg dosage, as they do with their reviews. The bottle wasn’t pre-steeped, or the juice ran extremely light to clear because it had a very golden citrus hue.

Taste-bud Retrospection

When the Sour Strings eJuice bottle is cracked open and a vast breath is taken, the overpowering and ultimately perplexing sensation is that of a fresh watermelon aroma. You taste a splash of watermelon blended with various fruits after removing a wonderful small pearl off your finger, then a potent dose of peppery nicotine.

The confusion increases when you take a great pull and put it in your atomizer. Is that a melon? Gummy bears, perhaps? A little of each? It has a solid hit-up front. Your tongue will quiver from the juice’s sourness, leaving you to question what this beverage’s intended flavor is.

People think they had to wrestle with this drink before deciding. They bought a bag of gummy bears as a result. We can categorically state that this drink tastes EXACTLY like a bag of classic Haribo candies when you eat a handful. This juice has an unmistakably similar flavor to your favorite gummy candy when compared. It would be almost cloyingly sweet if not for the enormous quantity of sour/tang serving as a counterbalance.

This juice doesn’t remain on the palate for long; instead, it leaves you with a lingering sweetness in the aftertaste. Your taste senses receive a quick jolt from everything before it vanishes into thin air.

Final Thoughts on Sour Strings eJuice

Even though people usually prefer Sour candy Strings, the flavor did not appeal to them at all at first. However, it eventually won them over after giving it the benefit of the doubt and giving it a second chance.

Cloud hunters shouldn’t be concerned since it will release a magnificent, fat plume that reaches your ceiling and hangs like morning fog. It already has a wide variety of tastes. Sour Strings eJuice was created to be enjoyed by itself. Due to the extremely light color of this juice, we had no coil troubles with it. But because it’s so sweet, using it for a long time could cause carbon buildup.

Does it ultimately taste like it contains watermelon in Sour Strings? Everyone has a unique perspective. The melon taste that Vape100 claims to be the main tasting note was complex for me to detect. Your results may differ. Pull the trigger if you can locate it at a reasonable price. Then take a seat and enjoy it while you draw your conclusions.

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