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24-inch BMX bikes: A perfect bike for the grown-up kids

by Nathan Zachary
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After some time, when your kid is accustomed to cycling, you can consider upgrading their bicycle. When your kid learns to ride a bicycle without the balancing, it’s an adventure for them. But after 2 to 3 years, they will need a new one as their body develops rapidly. So, with time their body grows, and the requirement for a new bike arises. At first, you were their companion during bicycling, but now they have their groups of friends to roam in the neighbourhood on bikes. Kids of 7 to 10 years need a new bicycle, but the size depends on their body growth. Usually, 24-inch BMX bikes suit best as they come in different sizes. 

Features of BMX bikes 

Being a parent, you now know how to choose the right size of bicycle for your precious one. But now it is time to look for the features of a bike because it is a showpiece and the best partner for your kid to show his talent to other kids. Before purchasing, check some bicycle equipment. 

  • The durability of the bike– Check the durability of the bike. At this age, kids will run the bike in various areas with bumps. So, a suspension fork can make it more stable on this type of road, and the longevity of the bike increases.
  • Invest in a lightweight bike– Try to buy a lightweight bike. Your kid will like a 24-inch BMX bike as it is lightweight and looks like an adult bike. Although your kid has grown, a lightweight bike will still be easy for him to handle.
  • Check the brake system– Look out for both breaks, whether they are kids friendly or not. Make sure that your kid can use breaks very easily. Most companies incorporate v-breaks as they are made for children’s usage. 
  • Check the stand-over, and step-over height of the bike-  Low step-over height is generally helpful to get along easily. Also, check that your kid has no friction with the handlebar while standing. Thus you can trust a 24-inch BMX bike for its upgraded style to provide the same comfort to your kid.
  • Explore the gear system- If your kid is already good with bikes, you can look for bicycles with gears. You can find plenty of “7-speed gear” options that provide basic grip shifting knowledge.
  • Comfort is important– If your kid loves cycling, you should look for comfortable seats and grips for an enjoyable ride. Most 24-inch BMX bikes have this feature as they know kids at this age like to spend longer time outdoors.

You can buy a new bike based on your kids’ growth and choice. However, always prioritise brakes and the bike’s size because they give safety to your child while riding the bike. The right size is important as your child can ride well only when he/she can control the cycle.

Price range 

Parents do not think about money regarding their kids’ happiness. Well, this bicycle comes in various features, and their prices vary according to that. Depending on your kid’s height and confidence, you can buy one with or without a gear mechanism. Well, at stores, you can get a 24-inch BMX bike with gears at around $530 during a special offer. But normally it costs around $550 to $650. While online, you just need to pay extra for home delivery.


A bicycle can be a kid’s best partner. All you need to do is look for the right features and shape for your kid’s bike because they can only enjoy riding and have fun with other kids on their road trips. It also helps them understand simple mechanics when facing bike problems. So, invest in the best bicycle for your kid.

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