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3 Reasons Why Ceramic Coating for Model Y Is the Ultimate Choice for Your Tesla:

by Nathan Zachary

The present market has several different options when it comes to choosing the right protective cover for your Tesla. Wax, polish, Tesla wraps— there are a number of products that could be used to maintain the original paint of your Tesla. Ceramic coating is one of the latest introductions to this market that has been a favorite among high-end Tesla owners and automobile enthusiasts, thanks to its amazing resistant properties and long-lasting nature. If you have already invested in the Tesla Model Y it is a given that you only want the best for proud possession. And ceramic coating for Model Y is an easy winner when it comes to choosing the right protection for your Tesla. 

Advanced nanotechnology is implemented to manufacture ceramic coatings that are initially in a liquid state, post application the coating sets in and adheres completely to the original paint. The biggest advantage of the transparent ceramic coating for Model Y when compared to the traditional alternatives is that this is a one-time investment and does not require frequent reapplications since the chances of chipping off or breaking down are almost nil. Wondering why ceramic coating is the ultimate choice for your Tesla Model Y? Here’s why. 

  • Protection from the Sun and Other Natural Factors: Leaving out your Tesla for long hours under the sun will definitely lead to fading of the color. Similarly, rain, snow, wind, and other forms of precipitation also take a hard toll on your Tesla’s exterior, which is why it is extremely crucial that you add an additional layer over your Tesla to prevent damage. Ceramic coating for Model Y not only preserves the original finish of your Tesla but is also resistant to all these natural forces. Your Tesla looks as good as new even if you leave it exposed for prolonged periods due to the protection of the ceramic coating. 
  • Resistant against UV Rays and Chemical Damage: Exposure to Ultraviolet rays of the sun is not just bad for your skin but also for your Tesla. UV rays oxidize the chemicals used in the paint and accelerate the deterioration of the color which begins to fade or change into a different shade. The rising level of harmful chemical pollutants present in the atmosphere can have a similar effect on the paint. With a layer of ceramic coating for the Model Y, you can sleep in peace without having to worry about the risks of damage to your beloved Tesla. 

Enhanced, Glossier Finish: Lastly, one of the most important factors behind the popularity of ceramic coating for Model Y is the final finish. Ceramic coatings not only keep your ride safe from damage but also enhance the overall look of the Tesla. The elegant, lustrous effect of the ceramic coating makes your Tesla look sleeker, smarter, and more attractive such that when you drive by all the eyes are on your Tesla Model Y.

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