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3 social networks that will help you in the sale of real estate

by Nathan Zachary
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Selling a house has never been an easy task, however, digitization has favored this sector and has allowed it to expand its market. According to data about 95% of people looking for options to buy a house do so through the internet.

A fact that will allow you to measure the sales opportunities that you can find in this digital universe. On the web you will find endless options to generate sales online, however, we want to draw your attention to three social networks that you must include in your digital strategy to boost home sales.

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn will become powerful allies to attract customers and increase your sales. Find out how they can make it possible.

Sell ​​houses on Facebook

Facebook is the network with the largest number of users, which gives it great potential to attract customers. This platform offers you three different ways to start real estate sales.


The Facebook marketplace has a category called “housing”, which gives way to the sale of real estate, its configuration is simple.

You must fill out a form that consists of fields such as: what is for sale (flat, house, premises, building, etc.), housing price, location, description, and a multimedia space where you can show visual details. Make sure to include keywords in these.

Blue World City Islamabad a mega housing and commercial society launches there block Blue World City Waterfront block on the Market place and they get high results. 

Fan Page

Having a Facebook fan page for the sale of houses can offer you a greater advantage, because through it you will be able to promote content marketing to offer quality content to your potential clients, instead of just concentrating on the sale.

Use a social media strategy so that your content is varied and does not include only sales details. It is important that your posts are attractive, authentic, and useful for the audience.

Your social media strategy should include constant posting, if you do it sporadically, your followers will lose interest in your content. You can opt for an 80-20 content strategy. Allocate 80% of your publications to valuable content and 20% to advertising your services or the sale of real estate.

It is important that you also pay attention to the graphic part, remember that people tend to pay more attention to images, which is why they must be of adequate quality and reflect the best angles of the properties for sale.

Facebook ads

To use Facebook ads, it is also important to consider them in the digital marketing strategy, in this way they will be used properly, and the resources allocated to them will be used to the maximum.

These must include quality content to be more attractive and some Call to Action so that the target audience receives more relevant information. Lead ads will help you capture more leads through data collection. Likewise, they will open a window for you to continue nurturing them and so that you can convert them into clients.


It might seem crazy to search for real estate for sale on Instagram, however, we will tell you why this is a good tool for real estate.

For the sale of houses, the use of aesthetic and striking photographs is important, in addition to video marketing, a feature that shares and ties perfectly with Instagram. Through Instagram, you can generate informative, attractive, and authentic content.

You can use storytelling to tell a story that describes what it would be like to live in a property, through a series of photographs, which in addition to portraying the place, highlight the characteristics of the town in which it is located.

Videos can help you take small tours of the properties for sale and offer a new experience to users.

You can use Instagram Stories to provoke more curiosity in your followers and show details that make each property unique. These will also allow you to interact with your audience thanks to the surveys that can be carried out through them. Don’t forget to use hashtags to increase your visibility.


Why LinkedIn? because this is a network of professionals, and this is where your real estate business should also position itself. The first thing to do is create a profile, in which you can include various details of your life and professional performance.

It is very important that this is public so that different people can reach you, then you will need to create a network of contacts, these are very important for your marketing strategy, as they can help you reach potential customers or become one of these themselves. 

The next step is to create a LinkedIn page for your real estate brand, which will help you get more attention from people, to achieve this, user groups that focus on this network and share some characteristics with your business, you will find, for example, some like: “Real estate advice on apartments”, “designs for houses”, “search for real estate apartments”, you will be surprised by the LinkedIn community you can reach.

For this network, marketing content is also important, the posts you share should cause interest among your followers and open sales opportunities. Helpful and informative articles about real estate can be a good option.

LinkedIn is a network that can help you easily connect with many people; it is also a tool that will help you achieve your sales goal. Do not underestimate the value of these networks, discover the potential that each one hides and improve your property sales.

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