by Nathan Zachary

Nowadays, the majority, if not all, wholesale women’s clothing stores have their own unique online store to go along with their physical store. It’s a fantastic way to promote your shop, build credibility, and generate some extra cash. Can it, however, be more? I believe starting a boutique business online is a fantastic opportunity if you don’t have the funds to open a physical store.

The only period in history where starting a business is conceivable without making a significant capital investment in a facility, racks, inventory, etc. is right now. In fact, many people are finding more success launching an online boutique than a physical store in today’s tablet/phone addicted and social media obsessed society. And it all comes down to one factor—overhead. The startup costs for an internet business are quite inexpensive, so let’s look at the numbers to see what kind of overhead you can expect when opening your own online boutique.

Today, there are many ways to create a website that is both extremely useful and visually appealing. The businesses listed below will all set you up for success as you establish the groundwork for your online boutique.

1.) Pick a reputable hosting company.

My top picks for businesses that I’ve worked with personally are, in order:

First, Shopify

Volusion 2.

Bigcommerce 3.

First off, all three websites are quite reliable and have more than ten years of expertise working with online shops.

Years ago, when I first started using Yahoo’s platform, I particularly liked the simple system and easy-to-use product inventory control. However, it wasn’t until much later, when I tried Volusion and Shopify, that I discovered just how simple it could be to create a website. If you are not tech adept, it is fantastic news!

According to the numbers, a domain hosting firm like Volusion can set you up with a bespoke design for roughly $150 with no start-up fees, and you’ll be paying a monthly plan of $39.00 to keep the website up and running. According to my experience, the basic plan is all you need to start making money. They have professional and advanced plans that range from 80 to 300 dollars per month.

The customer service offered by any businesses that might serve as your hosting provider is, in my opinion, the most crucial factor to consider if you’re new to website development. Although they are not open 24/7, Shopify and Volusion’s tech support centers are all located outside of the United States and will serve you almost immediately when they are.

I hope you’ve learned that your preferences will ultimately determine how this plays out. I’ve just eliminated a dozen or so businesses and listed my top three for you to start with. Even if you have the funds to open a brick and mortar business, I would advise anyone interested in opening a fashion boutique to build a website for around $50 per month.

The enjoyable part begins now that we have chosen our hosting provider. Design!


Again, you’re in luck if you’re not much of a computer whiz because all of the hosting companies I listed provide pre-built templates from which you may choose to help design the appearance and feel of your website. Additionally, they set up the checkout procedure and payment alternatives themselves. very simple

So far, everything has been sunshine and optimism, and at this point, I’m sure I’ve fired you up. I must, regrettably, confront you with some realities. The truth is that everyone is doing it since it’s so simple to do… You must consider how you will stand out from the competitors right away. Will there be a line of original clothing, a nice logo, or a pleasing color scheme for the website? Find out which websites are popular and why by doing some research and visiting them.

To be quite honest, when I initially started out, I developed and built my own web store. and wow was I proud of what I had managed. Actually, the website was awful. I was only pleased with myself for thinking of myself as a tech nerd, but after doing my due diligence. I realized how inferior I was to many excellent boutique websites. Since I am aware that you are unable to have one professionally created, my advise to you is to simply keep becoming better.


I didn’t make a sale for at least two months after my site was live and I sorted out my wholesale clothing distributors. It took a significant social media effort. and I didn’t start seeing any sales until I placed the website address on the receipts. I gave customers at my store and loaded it with all of my clothing. Through Facebook advertisements and some creative youtube review marketing, I have been able to expand my reach outside of my community in the past year.


The information I covered only scratches the surface of what you should know and comprehend in order to create a profitable online business. Having said that, I believe this starts you out on the right foot, and I wish you luck!

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