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4 Best Alternatives To SAP Concur Travel And Expense Management Software

by Nathan Zachary
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The fast-paced world of business travel can be tough to keep up with. SAP Concur is a travel and expense management software that allows you to easily manage your expenses while you’re on the go. It’s a tool for both businesses and individuals who travel frequently. With Concur, you can track your expenses, create expense reports, and even submit expenses for reimbursement.

However if you are a business or individual looking for best travel and expense management then SAP Concur is not the only market player. There are many other SAP Concur alternatives that outrank this software in many ways. To make a final decision about choosing one, it’s important to do your research and select the software that best meets your needs.

Here are the four best SAP Concur alternatives to consider.


TravelPerk is a business travel management platform that makes it simple for customers to book and manage corporate travel. TravelPerk integrates with a variety of other tools, including Rydoo and Circula, two popular expense management solutions. This ensures that you have everything you need on a single, simple platform.

TravelPerk’s comprehensive travel management solution is simple to use, and the expense management integrations allow for a single simple workflow for all corporate travel requirements. TravelPerk provides everything you need in a travel and expense management solution.

Features Of TravelPerk

  • Offers multiple user profiles
  • Guest profiles for non employees
  • Company policy compliance option
  • Third-party integrations with popular tools like Expensify, Rydoo and Circula
  • Outstanding 24/7 customer support with a 15-second response time
  • Advanced reporting and insights for a comprehensive overview of expenditures


Happay integrates travel, expenses, and payments into a single platform. It provides complete T&E automation by interacting with the numerous accounting and ERP platforms you already use. When it comes to considering SAP Concur alternatives, Happay is one of the most comprehensive systems in the market for dealing with T&E issues.

With Happay’s intelligent AI platform, company owners and CFOs can control travel and expenditure costs, automate compliance checks, accelerate expense reports, and obtain real-time insights into trip spending. The macro and micro levels of visibility and control assist management in streamlining internal processes. It includes plug-and-play enterprise solutions for developing enterprises as well as the possibility of easy customization for those that want more.

Features Of Happay

  • Completely automated business expense management system
  • Integrated travel, expense & payment platform
  • Self-booking platform for flights, hotels, cabs, etc.
  • Simplified, GST compliance
  • AI-powered expense report and filing
  • Flawless integrations with enterprise systems
  • Real-time spend visibility and extensive expense analytics
  • AI-driven Smart Audit to identify policy violations
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support

Emburse Certify

Emburse Certify is an expenditure management programme that allows you to book travel directly from the platform or by linking with another travel management system. Emburse Certify allows you to produce expenditure reports, handle accounts payable, and manage invoices all from an one platform.

The software’s mobile-friendly interface makes it simple to use. It is really simple to capture a receipt and email it to someone for speedy approval. Plus! The application also allows managers to set pre-approval guidelines, which speed up approvals and control corporate spending. Furthermore, the present system supports 64 languages and over 140 different currencies.

Features Of Emburse Certify

  • Simple and user friendly software
  • Automatic compliance with built in policies.
  • Reduces reimbursement time
  • Globe commerce support with 140+ currencies and 64 languages
  • Instant submissions of expense reports
  • Availability to integrate bank accounts and credit cards
  • Smart categorization with digital receipt management

Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense is regarded as one of the best expense management tools for enterprises. It provides organizations of all sizes with expenditure management and corporate travel solutions. It’s an excellent choice for developing firms that want easy, scalable expenditure management solutions.

When it comes to expense management, Zoho Expense provides an unmatched experience due to one of the most user-friendly dashboards. Zoho, often regarded as a wonderful management tool, provides solutions that streamline several aspects of a company’s operations. It is the best small business expense management programme.

Furthermore, you can rapidly integrate the application with a variety of other useful management software programmes to develop policy guidelines that speed up the approval process. QuickBooks, Zoho People, Zoho Books, and Zoho CRM are among the integrations available.

Features Of Zoho Expense

  • Employee business expense automation
  • Credit card syncing with the Expense Software integrates well with ZOHO’s CRM
  • Rapid approval methodology
  • Management of travel expenses
  • Purchase approvals are made easier.


Expense management softwares exist solely to streamline and automate the difficult and complicated process of expense management. Organizations must have expense report software if they are to compete and thrive in today’s competitive environment. It can be used for everything from receipt management to expense report submission to process optimization and obtaining detailed analytical results.

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