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4 Best Vendor Integrations You Need in Your Repair Shop POS Software

by Nathan Zachary

A repair store has many tasks going on simultaneously, from repairs to retail sales and inventory to payments. Managing all of them perfectly is not humanly possible. However, this is where repair shop POS software can assist you. And perks of using such software are not unknown to the repair industry.

What if I tell you that you can improve your day-to-day repair store functions by adding a few extensions? I am referring to software integrations.

There are integrations for different software modules such as payments, eCommerce, marketing, vendors, etc.

Every part of your repair store plays a crucial role in sales, but inventory is the backbone. And inventory is all about vendors.

As a repair store owner, you might have your favorite suppliers who you love purchasing your repair parts. However, while switching to repair software, chances are you will not have direct contact with them. Instead, you will have to order your repair parts separately as you did before.

How wholesome is it if you have your favorite vendor integration in the software? I have just an exciting solution for you in this article.

So, Why Vendor Integrations?

Having vendor integrations in your repair shop POS software packs a bundle of advantages:

  • It will give you an instance review of updated products by the vendors.
  • Second, placing an item order is a click away.
  • Third, you can track items’ delivery status in real-time without visiting any other web page.
  • It keeps a record of your items.
  • Finally, it optimizes the inventory process from purchase orders to shipping.

With all these impeccable points, you would love to know which vendor integration is best for your repair shop POS software.

Let’s get down to the top four integrations you need in your repair store.


MobileSentrix is a leading wholesaler supplier of cell phone parts in the USA and Canada, providing the best quality iPhone parts, iPad parts, Samsung cell phone repair parts, cell phone accessories, and tools. It is a top priority supplier for almost all the repair shop owners as it is worldwide trusted. They have a wide variety of products for every kind of cell phone repair. In short, you can say they are experts in mobile repair. They provide tools as well, which make cell phone repairs easy.

MobileSentrix integration can benefit your inventory functions in several ways. Starting from product order, you can effortlessly order the cell repair parts with just a few clicks. All you have to do is to select the products displayed on your repair shop software, and it will take you to the required product on the supplier’s website directly, where you can place an order. Hence your clicks are minimized, and no time will be wasted in finding the right item.

Injured Gadgets

Second comes Injured Gadgets, one of the top wholesale cell phone parts suppliers based in the USA. It has an excellent shipping process that guarantees overnight delivery of repair parts. So if you urgently need repair parts or have a huge order to fulfil, Injured Gadgets’ integration can assist you. Since it works directly with manufacturers of repair parts, it has the lowest possible rates, but they do not skim on the quality of the parts.

This integration in your repair shop POS software can maneuver your way to running a smooth inventory. You get a notification on your stock-out or low-stock items, which can help you re-stock before it hinders your repairs. This way, you can have more time to repair and less time managing your inventory and suppliers because your software integration is doing the maths for you.

Replace Base

Since the repair industry is vast, you must spread your repair business in the UK and Europe. If not now, that might be on your business growth plans list. For that purpose, you can use Replace Base. It is the leading wholesale supplier of repair parts in the UK and Europe, providing exceptional services.

Its integration allows you to import products from Replace Base and select the ones you want to order. That means you can review its inventory in your repair shop software while making a purchase order. Moreover, you can reorder out-of-stock parts directly by clicking on the item in the software instead of going to the vendor’s website.

ReVamp Wholesale

Lastly, ReVamp Wholesale is also one of the prominent wholesale suppliers of repair parts in the USA. It facilitates hundreds of repair stores nationwide with excellent quality repair parts and customer service. It mainly focuses on cell phone accessories, wireless repair parts, and second-hand devices. This wholesale supplier caters to every brand’s cell phone user, whether it’s Apple, Samsung, LG, or Nokia. In addition, it provides exclusive offers and discounts to its users.

One notable thing about ReVamp Wholesale is that it provides the facility of Paypal payments and credit cards which are the most used payment methods. Apart from that, get hassle-free inventory updates and product mapping. That means you no more have to worry about updating your inventory every time an order comes in. You can also make changes to your cart, giving you prompt updates on your software to avoid item redundancy.

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