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4 Major Trends in Geomatics That Are Driving Change

by Nathan Zachary

As we move towards a world that’s predominantly digitised, the traditional methodologies seem to be analogue now. With newer technological innovations taking place faster than they turn obsolete, the industries need to be more dynamic than ever to adapt to them.

This is true for geomatics and geospatial technology too.

Geomatics has always been an industry that’s been reliant on the right combination of technology and human experience. This is what makes this industry even more special.

With newer technologies making headwinds every day, the geomatics industry and its applications such as geomatics land surveying, need to update themselves too. And, they have been able to do so quite efficiently.

Here are four major trends that are disrupting the way the geomatics industry is operating.

1. UAVs & Drones
Geomatics surveyors are increasingly using drones for mapping and surveying purposes. The UAVs and drones have multiple applications throughout the geomatics industry, such as mapping, scanning, building surveys, environmental scanning and mapping amongst others.

While the use of drones and UAVs is on the rise, there are some key challenges that geomatic surveyors are considering. These can include, getting the right regulations for using drones, getting appropriate training for piloting the drone and providing professional output using drones to clients.

UAVs have revolutionized how surveys are conducted and made it more time and cost saving too.

2. Mobile Mapping
Mobile mapping refers to a portable tool that collects data points while on the field using cameras or laser scanners. The data sets are then georeferenced and point clouds can be coloured by using cameras as well as laser scanners.

Mobile mapping can enable the collection of data in minutes. They are highly flexible and can be used in a variety of environments. While there are still some concerns about mobile mapping’s accuracy, that can be resolved as the technology evolves.

3. Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is another major change in the area of geomatics surveying. The technology. When artificial intelligence is combined with GIS, it creates accurate historical data and provides solution-based approaches.

4. Better Accessibility & Integration
With the help of technology, geomatics surveying has expanded and it has the opportunity to embrace technology in its favour. Surveyors need to use technological developments and utilise these applications across the industry.

Ensuring that this technology is accessible and remains dynamic with the changing times is one of the concerns that geomatics surveying teams need to look into for a more holistic approach.

Staying Up To Date With Geomatics Land Surveying Trends
Geomatics land surveying is one of the major applications of geomatics. With the changing times, it is imperative for companies and other such organizations to adapt themselves.

Not only do the updated technologies make geomatics land surveying more efficient, but it also increases the overall scope of the work for geomatic surveyors.

A firm that has adapted well to technological innovation and implemented the same into their daily work is Core Geomatics. Core Geomatics’ primary belief of moulding out of the traditional and thinking out of the box has always been able to help them to innovate, experiment and deliver the best results to their clients.

Since 2009, the company has delivered many successful projects across Alberta and has been able to conduct geomatic surveys with a team of experts and the latest updated technology.

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