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Grow Your Small Business: 4 Best Places to Learn Digital Marketing for Free

by Nathan Zachary
learn digital marketing for free

Gone are the times when familiarity with online marketing was a skill set of elite professionals. Advancements have made it easier for everyone to learn digital marketing for free in the comfort of their bed.

Since digital marketing knows no bounds, marketing your small business online is no longer optional. According to research, the United States alone is home to 30 million startups. With a significant number like this and competitors who have the luxury of resources and budget – missing out on online advertising is the best recipe for failure.

We acknowledge that investing in online advertising isn’t on the cards for everyone.

Therefore, in this guide, we are going to unravel the top-rated and tried-tested 4 best places to learn digital marketing for free. By taking online courses, you’d be able to wear multiple hats of being a CEO and a digital marketer – side by side (and, of course, save a lot of money as well).

So, let’s dive in and explore the best places to add more to your skillset:

Best-Recommended Places To Learn Digital Marketing For Free

SEMrush Academy (With Free Certification)

A significant chunk of SEO and PPC experts heads to SEMrush when they require the best digital marketing tools. After SEMrush managed to get recognized for rolling out successful online advertising tools, it decided to establish an online academy. This online academy is the best source to learn digital marketing for free. Technically, it allows you to kill two birds with one stone. By the end of this course, you will learn all aspects of digital marketing and also gain better knowledge about how to use SEMrush.

What Does It Include?

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

This Online Advertising Course Is Best, Because:

SEMrush helps the enrollee understand all the basic and major digital marketing concepts. It also assists in rendering the maximum value of SEMrush tools. By the course’s end, enrollees must attempt and pass a test to achieve the free certificate. 

Don’t worry if you are afraid of meeting other commitments of your startup and dealing with an online test at the same time. You can approach the online digital marketing assignment writing service to get your papers done.

HubSpot Online Marketing Courses (With Free Certification)

The second most famous and best-rated platform to master online marketing is HubSpot. Just like SEMrush, HubSpot is also popularly known for bestowing online marketers, with the best digital tools like CRM, content marketing, SEO, and much more. But now, HubSpot has evolved into an online hall-of-ivy that helps startups and digital marketing passionate to gain superiority in this field.

What Does It Include?

  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Contextual Marketing

This Online Advertising Course Is Best, Because:

Registration is free, and one gets a certification upon course completion. HubSpot’s certificate is recognized globally. Besides, HubSpot allows small business owners to learn from the pioneers and experienced teachers of the industry. Hence the value you receive through the lectures will help you sky-rocket your sales in no time.

If you are a student who is simply setting his feet in the world of business, and online courses seem like a tiring commitment, then consider hiring professional online Ireland assignment help. The experts will manage your academics effectively, so you can easily handle your startup.

Google Digital Garage (With Free Certification)

When it comes to digital marketing, there can be no other better option than Google Digital Garage. When you tap on this website, you will find a huge variety of video-based lectures, that are divided by length and other specifications. You can use the filter to find out the best possible module to learn digital marketing.

What Does It Include?

  • Fundamentals of digital marketing
  • Guide to beginning an online business
  • How to make your consumers find you online
  • Mobile Marketing
  • How to grow your business in different countries
  • Use of content marketing in online advertising
  • YouTube course
  • Social media marketing

This Online Advertising Course Is Best, Because:

Google Garage is beginner-friendly! If you are starting up your new brand and want to learn the essential elements of how online advertisement works – you must go for Google Garage. However, Google Garage isn’t limited to basics only. Once you have aced the foundations of online advertising, hop on to the master classes.

My Great Learning (With Free Certification)

My Great Learning is among the most successful websites to learn digital marketing for free. This website helps you better grasp several branches of digital marketing through case studies. The modules of this course further supplement the enrollee with practical approaches. By the end of the course, the acquired knowledge is tested in a quiz. You can obtain online help with marketing essays from professional essay writers to get through the neck-wrecking tests and quizzes.

What Does It Include?

  • What & whys of digital marketing
  • How to do digital marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • SEO practices
  • Content Approaches

This Online Advertising Course Is Best, Because:

The instructor of this online course is a leading figure in digital marketing. With enough practical experience and knowledge of the domain, he has supported millions of small businesses to turn into huge brands! Moreover, this is a short online course of 2 hours only. This means one doesn’t have to commit themselves to long hours to complete the course. Along with free registration, the courses are easy and can be accessed for a lifetime. It is highly recommended for startup owners and novices.

The Finish Line

Getting one’s mitt on online digital marketing courses is the best and easiest way to market your online startup and make your fortune. By having online advertising expertise under your belt, you can easily focus on ranking your website, establishing an online presence, and securing a spot in your audience’s heart.

Online advertising is pivotal for businesses success. Skipping it isn’t an option – and spending enough on digital marketing isn’t really possible for everyone. Therefore, we have rounded up the 4 best places to learn digital marketing for free (beginner-friendly). Familiarize yourself with search engine algorithms and take over the internet by storm!


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