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4 stages of marijuana plant growth

by Nathan Zachary

Cannabis does not drastically grow; it involves a period of time and stages; after that, it emerges as a mature plant. There are four stages of marijuana, whether it’s an auto-flowering or feminized seed. However, a plant life cycle has four stages. At each stage, a plant requires a varied amount of supplements such as sunlight, water, air, nutrients, etc. 

Moreover, understanding each level of marijuana growth is essential to develop healthy and vigorous marijuana. The variant stage requires specific care and a unique approach to grow marijuana. A cannabis plant needs 4-8 months to become a proper mature plant, and if you grow indoor marijuana, it may get ready in a few weeks. The plant’s quality depends on the life cycle; once you get the proper step of growing marijuana, you will ultimately say that I love growing marijuana. 

Stages of marijuana growth 

A marijuana plantation has four growing stages; germination, seedling, vegetative phase, and flowering phase. Moreover, the distinctive variety of marijuana develops at the vegetative phase, before flowering, and after the seedling stage. However, the people who say I love growing marijuana will have to know about the stages of plant growth that is explained below:

  1. Germination of the seed

Germination is the initial stage of plant growth that depends on the variety of strains. It’s significant to sow an immature seed as a mature seed takes a long time to germinate. This process takes 24-168 hours, and the seeds start germinating after the supply of water. 

2. Seedling

It’s the stage in which the seed starts developing thread-like filaments on the top. In this stage, the top of the seed approaches the ground’s surface and acquires sunlight and other nutrients from the soil. It takes approximately 1-3 weeks, and after that, you will get a baby weed.  

3. Growth phase/ Vegetative phase

It’s the phase after accomplishing the seedling stage in which the seed requires 13-24 hours of sunlight in a day. This phase continues for 3-10 weeks in which the plant requires a massive amount of sunlight, water, nutrients, and many more. Growers also get the plant genes at this stage, and they separate male and female plants to prevent pollination. 

4. Flowering phase

The final phase of cannabis or marijuana growing is the flowering stage that lasts for 6-12 weeks. In this stage, the strain develops buds that require 12 hours of light in a day. Autumn is the best season for blooming plants, and the plant gets ready to harvest. 

To The Sum Up 

Traditional marijuana growing involves distinctive practices that determine the quality of the plant. However, many factors are involved in the plantation and growing; missing a single step of care may damage the plant. Consequently, it’s significant to provide a subsequent amount of nutrients and supplements as per the growing stage. Growing marijuana passes with four stages, and at each stage, it requires specific nutrients and supplements. Moreover, at several websites, like I love growing marijuana, you will get distinctive information about growing marijuana. 

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