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4 Tips For Choosing The Right Online Printer And Greeting Card Company

by Nathan Zachary
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If you are considering using an online photo greeting card company, you may have some specific requirements. Maybe you want to share more than just a photo online with loved ones, or you want to share information with potential clients. Perhaps you want to send Christmas or holiday greetings to a large number of people at once.

Whatever your needs, you want to find the best company to meet those needs. A little research is necessary. How do you find the best company for you? Let’s look at some useful online druckerei  methods to find just the right online photo greeting card company for you.


How long has the company been in business? You may be surprised to know that longer isn’t necessarily better. That’s because a company that’s been around forever might have a household name or a lot of background, but also might not be able to keep up with trends.

Pay attention not only to how long a company has been around, but also to the experience the company has. That is, do they make greeting cards that are timely and relevant? Or do they look a little dated and are too small? Are they keeping up with the technology in terms of graphics and printing techniques, or are they working like they did 10 years ago and just adding photos to greeting cards because it’s ‘new and trendy’?

Consider the overall experience of the companies you are considering for your online greeting card needs, not just the time the company has been in existence. However, do not choose a business that has just started for a large greeting card order. If you’re looking to try a new venture, by all means give it a try, but do it for a small and non-urgent order so you won’t be disappointed.

Does the pressure still matter?

What types of services does the company offer? If they just do online photo greeting cards, that’s fine, but sometimes diversification is a good thing. If the company you choose only makes photo greeting cards, they don’t bring any experience in other fields to this card making.

However, if the company you are considering also makes business cards, postcards, and other similar materials, then consider working with a company that has a lot of printing experience and can bring that experience and knowledge to your greeting cards.

So you benefit from the company’s experience and industry expertise when it has more than one specialty.

Easy online ordering

Without actually placing an order, you can play around with a company’s interface and see how easy it is to use. If you’re looking for a company that you’ll use more than once, what you want most of all is to find one that offers an easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate interface. If it’s sloppy or difficult to understand, you probably won’t go back.

So play around with a company’s user interface and make sure it’s easy to use. Make sure that photo uploading is pretty quick and easy and designing your photo greeting card is relatively hassle-free.

Customer service

What kind of customer service does the company offer? Browse the site and find answers to some basic questions like:

  • What will they do if there is an error on your cards?
  • How and when do you ship your order?
  • How soon can you expect your order?
  • What paper are your photo greeting cards printed on?
  • Where is the company located? How and who do you contact if you have questions or concerns?

Even if you are dealing with a very small business, you should feel comfortable giving them your personal information and entrusting them with your greeting card order. Most websites offer an FAQ that answers these questions, so dig around and try to find answers to these simple and basic questions.

Asking yourself a few questions about what’s important to you  online druckerei and then doing a little research will pay off when you find the perfect online photo greeting card company for your needs.

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