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5 Good Reasons to Choose Air Freight

by Nathan Zachary
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The transport of goods is a crucial point in the supply chain. Indeed, this phase of the supply chain depends on the one hand on supplies, and on the other deliveries. jarry logistic is the best Cargo services in Dubai and Several solutions are available to companies. The transport of goods can thus be carried out by river or sea, air or land. In the latter case, transport can be road or rail. To choose a mode of transport, several criteria must be taken into account, starting with the price and the delivery times. The nature of the goods, their volume, their weight, and their value are also determining factors in the choice of a transport solution.

Key Figures for Air Transport In 2022

In 2019, more than 61 million tons of goods used cargo air freight. Cargo planes cover the transport of large-capacity goods and adapt to the particularities of the customer’s request in terms of time and route. In 2020 and 2021, international trade was considerably slowed down by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, according to the IATA (International Air Transport Association), an association of some 290 airlines, since the end of last year, air freight is on the rise again. Geodis is one of the expert companies in air and sea freight transport. 

5 Reasons to Choose Air Transport

Air freight is defined as the transport of goods by air. Packages are transported in suitable containers or on pallets with standardized dimensions. There are different types of containers. They are 10 or 5 feet in length and 153, 224, cm wide and the largest is 16 meters.

1. Speed

Over long distances, the plane remains the fastest means of transport. This is why it is preferred for the shipment of perishable goods.

2. Reliability

Because the goods are packaged in containers and pallets with standardized dimensions, their loading and unloading is facilitated. What’s more, they are perfectly protected and do not risk being damaged. This is one of the reasons why air cargo insurance premiums remain moderate.

3. Regularity

The flights provided by the airlines are regular and take place on 7/7 and 24/24. This makes it possible in particular to plan the shipments and receipts of goods as closely as possible. Unlike maritime transport, air freight experiences few setbacks. This is the guarantee of deadlines are being met.

4. Security

At each logistics point, the goods are under close surveillance. Customs check every shipment. And thanks to the LTA (air waybill), the nature of the goods is perfectly informed.

5. Extensive coverage

Air freight allows the international transport of goods, within optimized deadlines. Depending on the incoterms used, the goods can be delivered door to door, which further facilitates shipments.

 A Preferred Transport Solution According To Your Needs

Air freight offers many advantages, starting with the speed and reliability of exchanges. This solution also offers certain flexibility, the devices having transport capacities adapted to the constraints linked to the products. But it is not suitable for all business activities. 

Air transport represents a costly and interesting opportunity when it comes to shipping certain types of products. Before opting for this solution, it is, therefore, necessary to study the efficiency of such a transport solution. as well as the services offered by airlines and charterers. Moreover, the price of air freight must take into account the transport costs between airports and warehouses or buyers. Regulations, customs fees from one country to another as well as the environmental impact of air freight are other criteria to be assessed.

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