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5 Instagram Post Ideas for Instant Account Growth in 2022

by Nathan Zachary

There’s a way to grow your Instagram account quickly and you might not have known it! In the blog post below, we’ll discuss five types of posts that will give instant results for increasing IG followers. By following these tips on how best to upload content onto social media sites such as Instagram can help boost numbers in no time at all–so follow now before someone else does.

Hold a Contest

Give your followers a chance to win some prizes by holding an Instagram contest. All they have do is like the post and follow you back, then pick one winner at random from among their friends! This will help attract more people who may not otherwise be interested in following your account – it’s perfect for gaining attention fast without spending any money or hiring someone expensive like marketing consultants.

Offer a Prize

Offer a prize that will be appealing to your target audience, and make sure to publicize the contest details on your other social media platforms and website. This is a great way to grow your audience and get even more followers.

Share Photos of Products

Consider using Instagram to promote your products. You can share photos of the items, offer discounts and coupons, or highlight customer testimonials in order to attract more customers who are on the go! Promoting effects through promo boosting will allow you a wider audience so that they see what’s available while also helping with conversions by reaching out directly via social media posts.


Collaborating with another brand or influencer can really bring your page into the spotlight. When you share content with your new followers, they’ll see it and be able to learn more about what each of you has going on. You could work together by doing joint giveaways and sharing content from one another – there are endless possibilities for how this partnership could benefit both parties involved.

Offer Discount

If you have an upcoming event you’re promoting, post it on Instagram! You can share photos and details about the event and even offer discounts for those who buy tickets through your link. This is a great way to get more people interested in your event and grow your brand awareness.

Post Daily

Finally, make sure to post regularly on Instagram! Consistency is critical when it comes vital owning your account. Publishing quality content regularly will keep followers engaged and coming back for more. Plus, the more active you are on Instagram, the more likely you will see shoppers’ feeds.

Engage Followers

When you want to keep your followers engaged on Instagram, the best way is through Stories. This feature allows you to go live occasionally and gives them an inside look into what it’s like for the brand- so Buy real Instagram views UK they’ll stay tuned!


Hashtags are the perfect way to increase your posts’ visibility and engagement on social media. We recommend using them strategically so that you can find what works best for generating interest in content!


Incorporating reviews and testimonials into your social media strategy is a great way to establish credibility with potential customers. This can be done through Instagram posts, Facebook pages, or Twitter tweets – it all just depends on what works best for you. Photos with positive comments from satisfied customers give a great first impression of what it’s like to buy from you.

A great way to incorporate customer feedback on social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter is by posting photos that feature them giving props where their money deserves.


You can grow your Instagram account quickly with these tips! Just remember to post regularly, use hashtags strategically and engage in conversations if they arise. It’s not as hard after all give it a try yourself by following this article’s instructions right now.

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