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5 latest tattoo studio software hacks you should introduce in your studio

by Nathan Zachary
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The most important thing to keep the fame high is introducing new things in your tattoo studio. People love new things and new trends. The latest upcoming in the relevant market are now treated as a center of attention. Customers always look for the latest trending ideas.

According to research, the tattoo industry has reached $3 billion. The tattoo is gaining massive popularity among millennials. One-third of the 25 to 29 age group has a minimum of one tattoo on their bodies. After this expansion of tattoo users, the number of tattoo salons reached 20,000. People spend $1.65 billion on tattoos yearly in the U.S. alone (Source: Statistics Brain).

Thus, to become a prominent part of these 20,000 tattoo salons, you need to introduce some exciting hacks in your studio and keep your tattoo studio software updated.

This blog will teach you the latest tattoo hacks to stay in the high ranks.

Hacks to introduce in your tattoo studio.

Keeping the customer’s interest in your studio needs to be updated with time. Thus, to keep promoting your tattoo studio, introduce some smart hacks in your studio.

  • Take your tattoo skills to the next level
  • Get into the details of the design of the tattoo
  • Know the details of the customer to prevent any harm or side effects
  • Keep you updated with new comings in the market

Take your tattoo skills to the next level.

There is a huge variety in the tattoo industry if we talk about tattoo designs. Everything can be carved out on the skin just by following the design. But you need to bring some innovation I this simple process to make it more effective.

Therefore, work on the design detailing and conduct deep research to know the market’s most updated and trending designs. Moreover, try to mold and produce an innovative design that catches the user’s attention and help you bring more customer to the studio.

When you try to add some value at you to the actual design, the customer will leave satisfying reviews, and positive reviews are an asset for the owner. Thus, learn new strategies to make your work more enticing and catchy. In this process, you can change your application technique, detailing the design, and so on.

Get into the details of the design of the tattoo.

Understanding the design and its details are very important to deliver the desired quality of work. Thus, reading the design is the most important thing to maintain the customer’s satisfaction level.

If your tattoo stylist fails to identify the design details, he cannot deliver the desired product to the customer. It will eventually result in losing the customer. Therefore, ask the customer t send you a link to the design so that you can do profound research on the design to ensure the delivery of the best tattoo.

Try to follow some simplified methods to bring detailing along the lines of the design. Once you are done with your work, try to have the suggestion of the customer to bring more perfection to the tattoo. It will help you a lot in bringing more perfection to the service.

Draw some primary sketches on the paper for a better understanding of the placement size and detailing of the design.

Know the details of the customer to prevent side effects

Before starting the process of a tattoo, to prevent any risks, deeply learn about the customer’s medical history. Either the customer has any skin irritation or allergies that can later cause any harm to the skin.

Thus, it can lead a customer to skin infections. Sometimes, the ink could be contaminated and may not suit the customer’s skin.

Most often, tattoo infections are bacterial skin infections like staphylococcus. You pick them up from unsterile conditions or contaminated inks or water. It’s uncommon, but the customer could also get a severe infection called methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Moreover, to prevent swellings, irritation, and itchiness on the skin, advise your staff to follow some skin reading strategies and learn about the customer’s skin type before starting the process. This hack will show professionalism and sincerity towards your customers well being.

Keep you updated with new comings in the market.

To get better user interest and satisfaction, keep your studio updated with the latest comings in the tattoo industry. For this, follow some influencers and the latest development in the market.

The research shows that the total market size grew by 9.5% in 2014, and the same rate is forecast for 2015. The tattoo removal market, however, will grow 18% per year over the next five years, compared with tattoo parlors’ 10% annual growth. Thus, you must keep introducing the latest trends to become one of these tattoo salons. Keep your tattoo studio software updated to offer streamlined services to your users.

Final thoughts

The industry of tattoos is growing with the advanced role of technology. Thus, the competition is high to catch the attention of customers. Therefore, keep trying new secure hacks in your studio to retain the clients’ interest.

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