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5 Pro Hacks for Gorilla Tape!

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5 Pro Hacks for Gorilla Tape!

Duct tape, sometimes also called Cloth Tape, is a cloth-backed pressure-sensitive tape coated with polyethylene. The main features of duct tape are its adhesive capability and water resistance. There is a wide range of duct tapes to choose from. Gorilla tape is a kind of duct tape and is famous for its extra strong adhesive feature and better thickness that gives it an edge over its competitors. While duct tapes are mainly used for adhesive purposes, there are several other uses for them. Most people are unaware of the hacks for gorilla tape.

Pro hacks using Gorilla tape

A duct tape can do more than tape things together. Although their common use is on ducts and other such materials, they are handy in a wider range of situations. Interested to know more? Read on…

To start a fire in windy conditions

If you find yourself struggling to start a fire during a camping expedition (or anywhere outdoors) due to windy conditions, worry not. All you need in addition to your matches is duct tape. To start a fire, place one matchstick (the longer the better) at the edge of duct tape with the match head sticking out. Next, place a second matchstick next to the first at one step lower. Now place the third matchstick, again one step lower. Repeat the step until you have four matchsticks lined up. Once you are through, fold duct tape over and wrap the matches so they stay flat. Make sure only the first match head is sticking out of the fire starter. Once it lights up, the rest of the matches will light up in a chain reaction. Be careful as they will ignite the duct tape because duct tapes burn well.

To Hang Pictures Without Nails

This is a quick and easy hack as you don’t need anything else other than your gorilla tape. If you want to hand pictures to a wall without nails, all you need to do is stick the tape backward to itself. It will make the tape a double-sided sticky tape. You can then stick one side of the tape to your picture and the other to the wall.

Sweep Dirt into A Dustpan

Sweeping can be distressing if you find specks of dirt even after umpteen efforts of sweeping it into a dustpan. In such a case, a gorilla tape can come to your aid. Simply place the dustpan on the floor, cut a piece of duct tape as wide as your dustpan, and stick one half of it to the dustpan, and the other half on the floor. This is a great way to collect every bit of dirt from the floor. Once you are satisfied your floor is clean, all you need to do is remove the tape and empty contains into a waste bin.

Remove Fluff from Clothes

Fluff on clothes can be a real nuisance and not many people know how to get rid of them. However, if you are among those who are frustrated with the futile attempts to get rid of the fluff, worry no more. You can easily remove the fluff with your gorilla tape. Simply take a piece of the tape and stick it back to itself so you get a roll with the sticky side out. All you have to do next is place your fingers in and roll the tape on your clothes. All the fluff will stick to the tape and your clothes will be good to wear once again.

Fix your shoelace

Things can and will break down when you least expect them. If you are struggling to put your laces through the hole as the shoelaces ripped at the end, here is an easy hack for you. Just use a small piece of gorilla tape and wrap the ripped ends of your shoelaces in it. Voila! Your laces are no longer ripped, and you can easily put them through the holes.

Apart from these, you can use the gorilla tape for a lot of other uses too. For instance, you can stick a piece of tape on to a blister. That way you can continue to wear your shoes without any discomfort. Check out our collection of adhesive tapes to find a wide range of options to suit your needs.

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