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5 Reasons for Needing an Emergency Tooth Extraction Near Me

by Nathan Zachary
Emergency Tooth Extraction Near Me

Our urgent care dentist will do everything possible to save your tooth. However, some teeth are too terribly broken to be salvaged. Please continue reading to find the top 5 reasons we might prescribe an emergency tooth extraction near me.

1.) Influenced Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth are third molars in your late adolescence to early twenties. While some people can preserve their wisdom teeth, others do not have enough space in their mouths. When this happens, wisdom teeth can force other teeth out of the way or become trapped beneath the gums.

If you have wisdom teeth discomfort, please get in touch with our emergency dentist as soon as possible. Depending on your situation, we may advise you to have your wisdom teeth removed before your dental health is jeopardized. X-rays, for example, can detect impacted wisdom teeth that have become lodged beneath the gum line.

2.) A fractured tooth behind the gums

Your teeth absorb a large portion of the force generated by chewing food. If your teeth don’t fit together precisely when you bite down, the pressure from chewing may eventually shatter your bottom molars. The newly had a root canal or an extensive filling, you may be at a higher risk for a broken tooth. Cracks behind the gum line, must be extracted as quickly as feasible.

3.) Serious Tooth Decay

Untreated dental plaque and tartar accumulation cause tooth decay. Our emergency dentist can only salvage a tooth if the excellent tooth structure outnumbers the decaying system. You’ll require an emergency tooth extraction when a cavity gets too large to be fixed by a filling, crown, or root canal.

4.) Periodontal Disease

While gingivitis (gum inflammation) may be reversed with regular tooth cleanings and proper oral hygiene, the same cannot be said for periodontitis. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, periodontitis affects around 47.2% of Americans aged 30 and over.

Periodontitis is an illness that impacts the gums and other tissues that support your teeth. When your gums recede sufficiently, your teeth lose support and are more prone to fall out or require extraction. Unfortunately, periodontitis cannot be treated. However, your dentist can slow it by scaling and root planning.

5.) Tooth Crowding

To minimize crowding, your dentist may recommend tooth extraction if you have more teeth than can fit in your jaw. Many people, for example, may have a tooth extracted for orthodontic reasons to obtain a straight grin. Most dentists and orthodontists prefer not to have to remove a tooth before starting orthodontic treatment. However, in some instances, it may be required.

What You Can Expect

Our dentist will initially numb your tooth and surrounding tissue to relieve discomfort. After that, you will feel pressure on your tooth. Our dentist will then use an elevator tool to loosen the tooth. He’ll then use forceps to extract the tooth. Our dentist may need to sew a few sutures around the extraction site. These are often self-dissolving sutures.

We’ll have you bite down on a gauze right after your surgery to stop the bleeding. Exerting pressure causes your blood to clot, covering the bone in your socket. We will then provide appropriate aftercare recommendations to help you heal at home. If you live in North Carolina and require emergency dental care, you can check out this dentist in Ballantyne instead.

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