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5 Reasons Why Businesses Must Adopt VoIP Phone System

by Nathan Zachary

There is no unanimous answer for the question of individuals asking for the best communication platform for themselves. Some might be fond of voice calls, some prefer video calls, while some simply love to type their message down using text messenger or emails. All these forms of communication are effective in carrying out their purpose. And so, nobody prefers only a single mode of communication for all requirements.

However, when it comes to small businesses, there is a unanimous say in what should be their communication platform. It all comes down to VoIP telephone systems or cloud-based phone systems. If you are a small business that is planning to switch from its existing communication platform or buy a new one altogether, this article is for you.

Let us help you understand the term VoIP telephone system and the reasons why it is a must for small businesses.

What is VoIP Telephone System?

Simply put, VoIP business phone systems allow users to communicate over the internet instead of traditional phone lines. The user only needs to operate the telephone handset or software, which does not require much training and is simple to use, and the rest is taken care of by the system over the cloud. It is also known as a cloud-based communication system.

Here are some of the reasons why a VoIP phone system is the best fit for small businesses.

1. Higher Portability

The last two years have shown us what happens when businesses are asked to work remotely all of a sudden. Even bigger organisations with ample equipment, infrastructure, and investments took a while to adjust to this new routine. Smaller businesses that already had a limited supply of resources had to fight up against the current. Especially those that relied on traditional communication technologies had a hard time communicating with their teams and customers.

Implementing a VoIP business telephone system allows employees the portability to connect to their teammates or customers over the internet using any of their available devices. It can be either telephone handsets, mobile phones, computers, etc. All they require is a functioning internet connection.

2. Lower Costs

VoIP telephone systems for small business require fewer cables and the exchange are not located on company premises. This service can be availed on a subscription basis. There is also relatively fewer troubles to be taken while setting up VoIP telephones. Apart from initial costs, the overall running costs of this system are lower than maintaining a traditional business phone system.

3. Business Continuity

One of the key reasons for a business’s success is its communication with its customers. The customer service of any company needs to be spotless in order to create a lasting market presence. Customer satisfaction gives rise to customer retention, and they can also bring in others. It is a win-win situation for both customers and businesses.

VoIP telephone systems allow the integration of CRM tools so that employees can serve customers better in real-time. No call from customers should go unanswered and VoIP helps ensure that. This business continuity through consistent customer communication helps businesses thrive.

4. Room For Scalability

When the customer service is up to the mark and employees are convenient when sharing work ideas, business processes, and workflows, an organisation can plan for better growth. And what comes with business growth is the requirement to scale up all its communication platforms and business applications integrations.

VoIP telephone system provides businesses with the flexibility to add or remove users as and when required with minimum effort. The setup is quick and does not require experts all the time. Any company can rely on the same communication platform that its employees are already familiar with.

5. Plethora Of Features

There is hardly any comparison between traditional phones and VoIP phones in terms of features. Modern VoIP phone systems offer users a range of simple yet powerful communication features that enhance information exchange in real-time. Some of these important features include:

· Call recording

Employee performance management and enhancement often require case studies. And they are great tools to learn from. For example, a new or existing employee is struggling to close a deal and needs guidance. What more can help than a successful call from the past by an experienced employee.

With an inbuilt call recording feature, all the inbound and outbound communication in your organisation can be recorded easily. VoIP allows users to use this recording as learning material for training purposes.

· Integrations

Common applications that businesses use for processes and workflows can be integrated with communications channels to make the exchange of data and information easier. Employees no longer need to access multiple files from multiple locations. It can all be provided under one roof.

· Conference calls

Businesses are at risk of poor performance without a reliable platform for brainstorming and exchanging information. Making important decisions is made simpler with voice and video conference calls. It also decreases the requirement for business travel.

· Call queuing

This feature helps sort incoming calls into separate queues based on their relevance. It saves employee time by automating this function.

· Contact history

Tracking and accessing customer call history by employees allows each call to be more meaningful and informative for the customers.

The Takeaway:

VoIP phone system for small businesses is the one-stop solution for all communication requirements. It offers great facilities with lower prices and minimum maintenance. By now, you probably have an overview of how this system can help grow your business along with increase employee performance.

If you have any further doubts or questions, you can always visit your nearest communication services provider. They may be able to guide you more about VoIP phone systems for small businesses.

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