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5 Reasons why parents should consider an IB School for their child

by Nathan Zachary

Schools that offer IB programmes follow a curriculum that allows the overall development of their students. Many top schools across the world including international schools in Singapore provide options to the students to opt for the IB Diploma Programme.

The IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) is designed as an academically challenging and balanced programme of education which prepares students across the world including high school Singapore students for their final examinations thereby paving the path to a successful career in World Class Universities across the globe.

Below are the Top 5 reasons why parents should consider an IB School for their child:

  1. Freedom of Learning

Students in IB schools are given the opportunity to select their subjects of study as well as their method of learning. They are engaged in doing research work where students select their own topics and execute the task.

Since students get the opportunity of doing things their own way they become curious about learning new things. IB schools allow their students to select low-grade and high-grade level subjects and thus give more time to the subjects they want to take up in the future.

  1. Global Opportunities for the Students

The IB Diploma Programme is recognized internationally and more than 5300 schools in 158 countries have adopted the IB system of study. Prestigious universities around the globe including Harvard, Yale and Stanford universities in the United States recognize the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP). 

Enrolling your child in an IB school in Singapore or any other country can open the doors to top-graded universities for a more successful career. The IBDP curriculum is created in a manner that provides your child with global opportunities and to establish themselves as global citizens.

  1. Development of Critical thinking and Research skills

The teaching method implied in the IB programme encourages students to think critically and develop their analysis and evaluation skills. Students are not required to prepare lengthy notes and memorize them, instead they understand the actual concept behind everything. 

In this way, the IB curriculum sharpens the student’s minds and helps them think critically and be more challenging.

  1. Preparation for College

IB curriculum is designed in such a way that students from any country including high school Singapore students are prepared well in advance for their college life. Engaging in challenging projects, doing extensive research work, writing assignments, preparing reports, and independent thinking, provide a base for college life. 

The IBDP stimulates the curiosity of learning that not only fuels the passion for learning but also helps in making the step up to college much easier. 

  1. Overall Development of the child

Along with academics, the IB program engages students in extracurricular activities ensuring the overall development of the child. There are three core components that have been integrated into the IB study system known as CAS (creativity, action, service), Extended Essay (EE) and Theory of Knowledge (TOK). 

The students are free to select the activities of their choice that would later help them in making a positive contribution to society. The IB system of study encourages students to learn through experience which helps them in their personal and interpersonal development as well. 


The benefits of enrolling your child in an IB Diploma Programme are plenty. The IB curriculum provides its students with the skills, knowledge, and values they need to succeed in a global community

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