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5 Scholarship Tips for MBBS Students in China

by Nathan Zachary
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We have started a series of posts on MBBS Students in China. This is the second article in this regard. In this post, we will share with you some facts about MBBS in China for Pakistani students along with some scholarship opportunities. You can read a brief guide about MBBS in China in Urdu at the end of this page. Eligible students are encouraged to participate in long-term study programs and to study non-traditional subjects outside of the humanities, such as engineering and science. This scholarship program assists students from public and private institutions in all provinces of China Medical University.

China Scholarship MBBS Medical School Entrance Program

The China MBBS Scholarship is a roughly three-year program that provides tuition discounts for MBBS undergraduate students to study abroad. The China MBBS Scholarship Program started with the idea of ​​offering discounts on tuition fees to Indian MBBS Students in China. The program is designed to help students gain opportunities to study in schools elsewhere in the world. The program aims to encourage Indian students to study in China. In addition, the program is designed to encourage the types of students who typically do not have the opportunity to study abroad — students with disabilities, students with financial hardship, community college students, students of diverse ethnic backgrounds, and other groups who do not have the opportunity to study abroad. I generally don’t study abroad.

The Application Information For The Chinese Scholarship is Buried in my Heart

Applicants for Chinese scholarships should pay attention to the latest news on relevant websites or consult CUCAS directly for specific application deadlines and relevant documents. China Scholarship Application Deadline is very important for MBBS Students in China Scholarship applicants to bury their minds in case they miss out on the China Scholarships they are supposed to get. If applicants find it difficult to keep abreast of the latest news about Chinese scholarship applications, they can go directly to the CUCAS scholarship blog to check the latest news, or consult the CUCAS scholarship team ready to serve them at any time.

Don’t Forget to Apply For a Visa with a Chinese Scholarship Document

Before coming to study in China, Chinese scholarship winners must apply for a visa at the Chinese embassy or other relevant institutions with the Chinese scholarship admission letter, visa application form for coming to China (JW201), “Foreigner Physical Examination Form” and passport. For current students who are applying for Chinese scholarships, there are other tips listed here.

You Can Get a Pick-up Service

Chinese government scholarship recipients can enjoy transportation services to the target city after arriving in China. The transfer service station for this type of Chinese scholarship is located at Beijing Language and Culture University and only provides pick-up and drop-off services for full scholarship students. For detailed information about Beijing Language and Culture University, please log in to CUCAS now. Chinese scholarship recipients who go to cities other than Beijing can only go to the host institution by themselves. Fortunately, any Chinese scholarship recipient can enjoy CUCAS airport pick-up and other necessary services. Therefore, it is no longer a problem for MBBS Students in China scholarship to come to China.

Don’t Forget About Registration, Health Certificate, and Residence Permit

Chinese scholarship students must register at the target university before the deadline specified in the admission letter. CUCAS MBBS Students in China Scholarship will be reminded of relevant important matters in time. Therefore, CUCAS applicants do not need to worry about this issue. In addition, Chinese scholarship students who stay in China for more than 6 months are required to submit passport materials, admission notices, foreign medical examination forms, blood test reports, and other materials to the local health authorities for medical examination.

Again, CUCAS is responsible for reminding CUCAS China Scholarship applicants to take the necessary exams, and if you find it difficult to handle all these documents by yourself, you can let CUCAS do the preparatory work for them. In addition, after arriving in China, Chinese scholarship recipients must apply for a residence permit with certain documents to stay and study in China. CUCAS is happy to assist scholarship students in China to obtain residence permits quickly.

Please Think Twice About Your Major, Because You Have a Scholarship in China

In principle, Chinese scholarship students are not allowed to change their study major, target university, and study period. Therefore, students who apply for Chinese scholarships need to think twice about their majors. If they need help, they can come to CUCAS and everything will be solved.

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