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5 Signs Your Business is Ready to Move Into a Shared Office Space

by Nathan Zachary
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The post-pandemic world has changed the way companies view real estate investing options. More workers have turned freelancers or are working as independent contractors. So, it is natural to find that employees prefer their home offices. The tweak here is that the employers too are all set to handle their operations with a major chunk of their employees working from home. What’s the reason behind this paradigm shift now that the world is back to normal after a two-year hiatus?  Most of them are still trying to cope with the losses and are naturally finding it more expensive to rent. Now, does that mean that there would be no office space? Here lies the benefit of shared office space.

Before you are ready to move to shared office space for rent Kelowna and Fraser Valley, find out if it makes sense for your business. Co-working communities are becoming one of the chosen options for businesses. With state-of-art-services, niche spaces, childcare access facilities, and pet-friendly centres, you will have a flurry of options to pick from. But the question is whether your business is ready to move into a shared office space or not.

Here are 5 ways to determine whether your business is ready to make a move to a shared office space.

  1. The current office space is small
  2. Working together and being productive are a couple of ways in which your business benefits immensely. Therefore, when searching for profitable deals in commercial lease Kelowna to be used as a shared working space, your bottom line will improve. Small spaces are less synonymous with productivity. While the employees of those offices tend to skip work due to crowds, noise, and lack of privacy, other issues may also hamper work.

    When employees are unable to give their best due to a lack of space in the office, it affects their morale. A professional working environment is essential for people to give their best shots at the workplace. A lack of a suitable office space may also make your employees feel that there is no growth opportunity there; furthermore, they may feel that you don’t value them at all. So, a shared office space fits your budget and provides your employees with a comfortable space to work.

  3. Hiring more employees
  4. A small office space may be a perfect fit for your current strength. So, if have around 10 employees working for you right now and planning to grow it to 100-plus you need to look for large shared spaces with office suites or private offices. Make sure you consult with the best realtor in Kelowna to choose a space for a shared working facility that suits your requirements.

  5. Balancing office and home
  6. The employees working from home may go overboard with comfort and hence tend to work longer than in the office. Every worker needs some downtime and using shared office space twice every month may set the stage for work-life balance. Many of these shared offices offer opportunities for gymnasiums and have spaces for community events to promote the work-life balance.

  7. Impress the clients
  8. As you expand your business, you need a section of your employees during those face-to-face office meetings.  Do you think that those meetings can be held in spaces where you cannot control the ambience or the surroundings? Small office space is more likely to signal wrong information about your business and the way you operate. If you are keen to give out a good impression, switch to commercial space for rent Kelowna and Fraser Valley with co-working features. Moreover, your employees will also benefit from the cross-cultural vibes in such spaces. When dealing with high-end clients, ensure that the office space is professional and big enough to accommodate your employees.

  9. Team working
  10. A company with a few employees won’t need a large space to function. But it may need the digital features that modern office spaces require. So, even if you have a small team or a few people, try searching for commercial spaces functioning as shared office spaces. With digital tools, teams in your office will find it easier to collaborate.  Besides, if you decide to add on to the current team members, remote working may get complicated. It won’t be good to interview the employees in a lounge or a coffee shop.

Deciding to move your business to new premises is a big decision. You need to carefully weigh the options and your current requirements before moving into your new shared space. While it will save you money for bearing the rent alone, make sure you discuss increasing the number of employees you hire.

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