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5 Tactical Accessories to Keep on Hand for Combat Loadouts

by Nathan Zachary
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Accessories and gear are everything when it comes to combat loadouts. You want the best equipment in hand whenever you are out for combat loadouts. It is not enough that you have the best weapons and tools. Having the best tactical accessories might be the distinction between you and others when you are out for combat loadouts.  

This article provides five essential tactical accessories you should have on hand. 

  1. Gun Servicing Kit 

As a weapons user, you need to service your weapon regularly. A tactical person must have all equipment ready for use and discharge. The same goes for guns; the best way to ensure a gun is always ready for use is to service and clean it regularly. While you can buy every cleaning and servicing equipment you need for your guns individually, this may not benefit you in the long run. The alternative is to go for the services of experts who can select for you every item you need. 

Special mention must go to tactical monthly subscription boxes When speaking of gun servicing kit professionals who can help pick specific items for you. Subscription boxes, especially those curated by experts in tactical gear kits such as Crate Club, will give you the best gun servicing kits you can hope for. These kits will ensure that your guns never jam, rust, or misfire. While you’re in the wild, there should be no margin for error.  

  1. Sight Accessories 

Let’s face it. Having limited visibility can place you at a disadvantage when out on a combat loadout. Thus, you need to ensure that at all times, you have the best sight accessories to complement your regular gear. There are a variety of sight accessories you can choose for your use, depending on the situation.  

Primarily, you must have a pair of long-distance binoculars to help with long-distance visibility. Long-distance or long-range binoculars vary depending on the distance covered and how much focus is available. If you cannot get a pair of binoculars, you can always get monoculars and have them equipped with night vision capabilities in case you need to use them at night. 

  1. Tactical Attire 

While you might want to appear chic and classy when dressing for a combat loadout, you must remember that combat gear must always be functional. Thus, you must carefully select all your tactical attire to meet the requirements of your tactical pursuits. These include both clothing and shoes.

When thinking about tactical shoes, you need shoes that support stealth and moving around in tough terrain. Tactical boots are beneficial in keeping your feet dry and protected while still comfortable. The boots will ensure that sharp objects such as twigs and glass are kept at bay while allowing stealth movement in varied terrains.

Tactical clothing is also increasingly crucial for accessorizing combat and must be specifically picked depending on the circumstances. The clothing must be of a material that maintains body temperature, protects you from the elements, and maintains stealth. Additionally, you must have enough pockets to carry as many tools and equipment as you may need at a given time. Lastly, camouflage is essential for stealth. In this regard, merino wool clothing is a great choice for layering under your camo outer layers.

A gun holster is also one of the essential accessories that you will be needing. Your gun holster will be one of the most important pieces of equipment for your gun, especially if you’ve used 80% lowers to DIY your own custom firearm, and you need to choose wisely

  1. First Aid Kits 

While not precisely technical or tactical equipment, having a first aid kit is indispensable as part of the equipment you carry in tactical ventures. When outdoors, you may be far from any medical help or assistance in case of injury. To that effect, you may need to provide quick medical assistance and treatment in the event you or a member of your crew gets injured. As such, a first aid kit will prove to be highly beneficial.  

Besides owning a first aid kit, you must also take time and learn how to use all the equipment before going outdoors. A well-equipped kit will be no benefit if you don’t know how to use all the tools. 

  1. Watch 

The last item on your list should be a tactical watch. Tactical watches do more than just tell the time. They have features such as a working barometer to provide information regarding atmospheric pressure and a compass for navigation. Having such a watch cuts the need to carry extra equipment such as compasses which cuts down your luggage. Therefore, ensure you get one before your next outdoor excursion. 

Final Words 

There you have it, five of the best tactical accessories you need to have for combat loadouts. You can get all this equipment individually or use a subscription box service: either way, stock up on everything before you need to go out again. 

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