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5 Things You Need to Optimize on Your BigCommerce Website (According to a BigCommerce SEO Expert)

by Nathan Zachary

Do you want your BigCommerce store to show up in the organic search results? Then you’ll need to make sure you optimize it for as making ranking signals (the features that affect organic rankings) as possible. 

The thing is, there are well more than 200, according to most SEO experts. So how do you know which ones to prioritize? 

Well, according to one BigCommerce SEO expert (1DigitalⓇ Agency) the following 5 ranking signals are so easy to optimize that almost anyone can do it – with a caveat. 

1. Page titles
Page titles are the portions of your page that are qualified by H1, H2, H3, and H4 tags, and so on and so forth, if there are others. 

These are also the tags that make a page “scan friendly.” This makes them both good for readers as well as for driving organic traffic through SEO. 

Fortunately, these elements of a page, and their HTML tags, are easy to identify, even for the most novice store owners. 

Drop some of your target keywords into these and your organic rankings will improve.

2. URLs
URL slug structure is an insignificant ranking signal but a ranking signal nonetheless. These are the words that follow at the end of the URL. 

Fortunately, BigCommerce assigns unique URLs to every page on your website, automatically. However, it does not optimize them, but you can do that yourself, once you’ve uncovered your list of target keywords.

3. Images 
Images need to be optimized primarily for two things: size and keyword density. 

It is imperative that you either compress your images or use some sort of optimization or compression software to slim down the file sizes so you can keep your page speed scores up. BigCommerce does use a CDN, but it’s not powerful enough to erase the impact of multiple behemoth image files. 

Also, make sure you insert some of your target keywords into your images’ alt text fields. That will give you a little SEO boost, too. 

4. Meta Descriptions
Just as you want to update your page titles, do the same for your meta descriptions. Entice readers to visit the page and include target keywords as a little boost to SEO. Make it sound original and appealing to encourage conversion rates to grow as well.

5. Product Page Copy 
Finally, we have product page copy. Whatever you do, do not steal your product page copy from a manufacturer or partner, even if their writing is stellar on every level. Write it yourself, include the product’s core features, and sow in some keywords that are a part of your focus group. 

This is probably the most impactful ranking signal of all those mentioned here. It will directly influence organic rankings and can have a pronounced impact on that page’s ranking. 

There Is a Catch (Also from the Same BigCommerce SEO Expert) 
So now, for the caveat. There is a catch here. You need to know which keywords to target before you can go ahead and optimize any of these ranking signals for your online store. 

That’s something that takes a little more skill. If you own an eCommerce business, you can do your own keyword research for your BigCommerce site’s digital marketing strategies. Just make sure you’re targeting those that have high enough search volume, low enough competition, and the right search intent (either commercial or transactional). 

So what is the intersection of high search volume, low enough competition, and the right search intent? That’s where a BigCommerce SEO expert like 1DigitalⓇ Agency (c.com) comes into focus. 

Don’t gamble on the success of your organic marketing strategies. Call them instead (888-982-8269). It’ll be one of the best strategic moves you ever made for your long-term BigCommerce SEO strategy.

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