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5 Tips To Keep Your Elderly Parents Active And Involved 

by Nathan Zachary

As people age, a common observation is their inhibitions to perform physical activities or socialize. The primary reason behind this change in attitude is mostly to avoid aggravating existing pain or problems in the body.  

Sometimes, it is also because they do not find activities that appeal to them or something enjoyable to spend their time performing.  

1. Help Them Add Exercise To Their Routine  

Exercise is essential for the body as you age. It can also help elders sleep better at night, especially with aids like incontinence pads for bed that can enable resting without any disturbances. But most elders feel conscious about exercising in public. 

A healthy way to encourage them to get into their workout groove is to join them during the first few days. Schedule some time to exercise with them and try to perform some simple moves inside the house. You can also try yoga if you are looking for low-intensity movements to avoid joint strain.  

Encourage them to go out for a walk. Low-impact exercises like walking for at least 30 minutes can be good for the body. It will also give them a good dose of fresh air. You can also join them for a walk and spend some time with them. Walking can also become an opportunity to identify social groups to bond with over time.  

2. Hint At The Pleasure Of Reading  

Books can open you to a new world of possibilities, creativity, and reality. Exploring it can be an entertaining and engaging activity for senior citizens. Enjoying good books from genres that most interest a person can help keep elders feel alive and active. It can stimulate their social and emotional well-being and help them relax.  

Research also suggests that reading books can be an effective way to keep Alzheimer’s at bay. It can sharpen memory, cognitive skills, and decision-making and improve sleep quality. 

Apart from their regular favorite authors, series and genres, get them to try new genres like sci-fi or thrillers that could excite them. You can also help them join book clubs that could be a fun way to read and socialize regularly. Try to arrange book club meetings at your home with healthy snacks and beverages to ensure they enjoy together as a group.  

3. Keep Them Busy With Furry Company  

If your loved ones can still take the responsibility of owning a pet, then getting them a good companion could be a wonderful way of keeping them active. Cats and dogs are the traditional pets you can keep at home. You can get your parents a companion they could love, and it could give them a chance to enjoy caring for these furry pets.  


Elders tend to feel a sense of responsibility and purpose with pets that could keep them energetic to follow a routine. They can also take the pets out for walks and spend time playing, cooking, or caring for them, which could be fun. You can try looking for pets at the local animal shelter to give these furry friends a good home and your senior parents some unconditional love.  

4. Encourage Them To Take Up A Hobby 

Finding a new hobby can be enthralling to elders as it could be a way of discovering a side of them that they never knew existed. It could also help them get a broader perspective on life.  

Try to explore some good new hobbies for them. It could be learning a new instrument, knitting, slow dancing, pottery, learning a new language, embroidery, or anything they wish to spend their time learning and performing. Some parents may also like to explore their artistic side. You can look for painting clubs or classes for them that could be interesting. These hobbies are also an elegant way of interacting with new people. It could give them a new group of friends to talk to, share, and spend time with. One simple way to encourage their talents further would be to conduct a family and friends showcase of their work or performance.  

5. Hook Them To Technology 

The digital world can be an intriguing place for seniors to spend some time. When they are tired of traveling and the routine, taking time to enjoy watching content they enjoy and converse with their loved ones can be good. So teach them their way around basic gadgets like phones or ipads. 


Help them use instant messaging apps, video calling, social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, and content channels like youtube. It could be a fun way for them to connect with new people and stay in touch with friends and families. But remember to teach them basic internet safety tips to ensure they have a lovely experience exploring the digital world.  


Spending the twilight years with a sedentary lifestyle might seem a good choice for many elderly parents. But being involved in an active lifestyle can help them feel enthusiastic and energetic. It is also essential to improve physical and mental health. So try these interesting and engaging activities to keep them entertained and involved without causing much physical exertion.  

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