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5 Ways to Improve Muscle Endurance  

by Nathan Zachary

Everyone needs strong and highly resilient muscles to prevent injury and adapt to various movement types. The ability of the muscle or group of muscles to withstand repeated contractions for a pretty long period is known as muscle endurance.  

Everyone needs to strive for optimum muscle endurance as it benefits the body. For instance, it is primal to maintain a strong posture and stability for a while. Also, muscle endurance builds the aerobic capacity of the muscles.  

Above all, your ability to function effectively daily and carry out daily functions like lifting heavy items is hinged on muscle endurance.  

Here are five ways one can improve muscle endurance:  

  1. Train Heavy 

You get many benefits when you train heavily, safely, and efficiently. One effective way to build muscle endurance is to increase training intensity. Such training challenges the muscles in many ways: eccentrically and concentrically. With this training, one will have actual muscle tears and rebuild.  

As you build muscle, you get more equipped to handle heavyweights. Focus on multi-joint moves such as squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. Explore sets of reps with which you can lift more weight and build strength. 

To do this, commence every exercise plan with a low rep workout. In other words, have four sets of at least three reps for the first exercise before proceeding to 3 sets of 10 reps. With this, you will pack on pure strength and build strong muscles.  

  1. Consider testosterone  

Also, one can consider testosterone as a supplement to support muscle endurance and increase its strength. Testosterone is believed to increase the red blood cell count, which positively increases performance. With more red blood cells, your muscle gets an abundant oxygen supply that keeps you going longer.  

Many testosterone supplements exist that can help improve muscle endurance. Testosterone Anavar cycle, for instance, helps keep hold of nitrogen which could help stimulate the level of protein synthesis. Ultimately, this improves muscle endurance. You can also know where to buy testosterone enanthate in canada

  1. Focus on Carbs 

Among various food groups, available carbs stand out for their support and ability to act as fuel for the muscle. When carbs get into the body, it is transformed into glycogen – an energy form stored in the muscle.  

Energy from carbs helps power people through various workout sessions. Almost everyone gets half of the calories they need from carbs, so one should focus on more servings of carbs per day to boost muscle endurance.  

Ideally, you need good quality carbs that support dietary fibers like cereals, bread, grain, etc. You can derive carbs from dairy products like yogurt and milk. Also, consider fat-free foods or low-fat dairy. Eat more fruits and vegetables as well. 

However, don’t take foods rich in dietary fats before and after a workout.  

  1. Keep to the FITT Rule 

Many people start with bodyweight exercises like pushups to improve muscle strength and endurance. However, as they progress, the progress might reach a plateau because they need a heavier weight to keep up with the challenge. 

The FITT rule comes in: Frequency, Intensity, time, and type of workouts. 

Frequency: this is the number of training sessions per week. One needs to strive for resistance training twice a week.  

Intensity: this is the total weight you use for each repetition. One needs nothing less than 12 reps to improve muscle endurance, with 2 to 4 sets for the training workout period. While beginners can commence with 8 to 10 reps, a weekly increase is essential by adding 1 to 2 reps each week and striving to get to 16 reps.  

Time: the time you spend on the field should revolve around 40 to 60 minutes, including your rest period. Your work: rest ratio should be one to one to improve muscle endurance. For instance, someone who did ten reps in 30 minutes should rest for 45 minutes before commencing the next round. According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, one should limit rest to 30 seconds between sets.  

Type: ensure you alternate the kind of exercise as it will improve the benefit derived from the workout. 

  1. Sleep for 6 hours at least 

There are many variables in your quest to build weight, and sleep is often forgotten. No matter how long and hard you train, you need optimum sleep to achieve your aim of building muscle. Sleeping provides the perfect avenue for the muscles to recover and grow. Besides, rest offers the ideal platform for the body to secrete muscle growth hormones.  

At least ensure you have six hours of sleep every night, even though you should target 8 to 10 hours per day. While many people find it hard to achieve this, you can do many simple things to improve your sleep health.  

Here are simple habits you can inculcate at night: go to bed at the same time every night, avoid coffee late at night, consider a cold shower when it’s nighttime, and stay away from the extreme light source when it’s time to sleep. Also, consider sleeping in a quiet room. These little changes can go a long way to improve your sleep health, supporting your muscle endurance goal.  


Muscle endurance is not limited to athletes and bodybuilders alone. Everyone should strive to improve it as it comes with a series of benefits. It improves self-image and provides an improved sense of confidence. Overall, you also get a healthy body and renewed mind.  

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