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6 Benefits of Using Video on Your Website

by Nathan Zachary
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Videos are an important part of most successful businesses online marketing strategies these days. But why should you spend money on them? Do they really give you what you pay for? To put you at ease, we thought it would be best to list the six benefits of using video on your website: 

6 Benefits of Using Video on Your Website

1. Replace plain text email 

While everyone else is spending more money to send plain text emails, you can get ahead by sending out video emails. These can be very personalized, making you stand out in an inbox full of boring newsletters, so this is one of the great benefits of using video. 

2. Make you stand out from the rest. 

A lot of businesses still don’t understand the Benefits of Using video, you can visit a bespoke web design agency to know the importance of videos for websites. As more businesses realize how well online video marketing works, your competitors may use this to get ahead of you in the search results and brand messaging.

Videos will help you get more people to visit your website and leave a lasting impression on them.

3. Help in providing quick customer support.

Answering customer questions by phone or email can be expensive and take a lot of time, especially if you have a small team. On the other hand, videos are a better and cheaper way to do this important part of the service. So this is also one of the Benefits of Using video. 

Customers can learn how to use or fix a product much faster if they can watch a video about it as many times as they want.

4. Reduce the number of customer service calls you to get.

Customers call when they can’t find answers to their questions online. You can save yourself from the concern of answering the phone if you use videos. They are easy to understand and answer customer questions very well.

You can make a video for each of their questions, which can help thousands of other customers who might have the same problem.

5. Video is visual.

When we surf the web, most of us like to see things. There is also evidence that we “skim” over large blocks of text but take the time to watch and listen to videos that professionals make. More proof shows that text backed up by video and video backed up by text has the most impact on visitors’ memories.

6. It helps your approach to inbound marketing.


As we’ve already said, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, and the biggest search engine, Google, owns it. Every keyword you choose for your website can be a chance for a video. The best part for marketing directors is that Google shows videos in their search results, which makes it easy for people to discover and find out your page when they search for certain keywords.

Video is also good for SEO because it keeps people on your site for longer. How long visitors stay on a page is a big part of ranking well in search results. The longer a visitor stays, the more important Google thinks the page is. So this is one of the great Benefits of Using video. 

Distribution – Social Media and Email:

Video is easy to share on all of your different networks. When you make original video content, you get the most out of your social media and emails because you’re attracting people to your content and site, not away from it.

Online Sales:

Brands that sell items online can’t ignore video. Once visitors have entered an e-commerce site’s buying funnel, they now use videos to turn them into customers. 72 percent of customers would rather watch a video about a product or service than read about it.

To sum up:

In conclusion, there are many benefits to using video on your website. Video can help you connect with your audience, increase dwell time, and boost your SEO. Additionally, video can help you generate leads and drive conversions. If you are not using video on your website, now is the time to start.

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