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6 essential pre-construction services for your home

by Nathan Zachary

Out of all the phases of construction, the pre-construction phase is perhaps the most crucial one. In this stage, important design and technical decisions are made regarding the project. Getting things right at the pre-construction stage ensures that the project runs smoothly and on time. In this blog, we will briefly highlight some essential pre-construction services.

What is the Pre-construction phase?

Whether you want to build a home or remodel it, you need construction services in Brentwood, TN, and a crucial stage of your home project is the pre-construction stage. This stage involves all the preparations and considerations that go into all aspects of construction. In this phase, you (the client) work closely with the construction partner and design team to draft out designs, budget, scope, determine materials, Projections, etc.

Now that you have learned a little about pre-construction services in Mount Juliet, TN. Let’s take a look at some essential pre-construction services.

Existing condition analysis.

If you need to remodel or renovate your home, your contractor will have to carry out an existing-condition analysis. Engineers need to check for the pre-existing condition of your home, as this may affect its design and structural integrity. The results of the analysis will also reveal if you need a total remodeling or a partial renovation.

Building information modeling.

The building information modeling lets you see the design in better detail. What you get here is a 3-dimensional model of the proposed home or building.

Cost estimation

This service deals with the financial aspect of the project, and it involves both the client and the contractor. Cost estimation is the process of creating a budget for a construction project. Experienced estimators take account of all the aspects of the project, such as the cost of labor, materials, equipment, fees, taxes, etc.

Site analysis.

Before the commencement of your project, the construction partner will inspect your site to determine if it fits the design and building specifications. Site analysis involves carrying out geological tests on the soil and creating an overall master site plan.

Material procurement.

In most cases, your construction partner is in charge of procuring all the materials for your home project. This job goes beyond just buying materials. The general contractor or construction manager must be aware of prices,  trends, and new technology in the market. An experienced and well-informed partner will procure the best materials for your home while keeping to your budget.

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