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6 Factors to Think About Before Renting A Property 

by Nathan Zachary

Managing a rental property is challenging as landlords always need to keep the property in good condition and rented throughout the years. To keep the property rented, one of the most crucial factors in securing a tenant’s prospects is ensuring prospective buyers or renters see a suitable property in top-notch condition.  

Hence, landlords should consider certain factors to ensure that they do not miss out on possible buyers/renters by having properties unsuitable for market conditions. 

Here are some of the essential factors that landlords should consider before renting out their property: 

1. Should you do everything yourself or hire an agent? 

Becoming a private landlord is a time-consuming process and comes with a lot of responsibilities and work. Hence, it’s important for you to decide whether you will do all the word. If you decide to delegate the work, then you can hire premier property management services.   But remember, when hiring a letting agent, ensure you do your homework first and go with a well-established, reputable company rather than the cheapest option. 

2. Apartment safety features 

Although space is an important security consideration, you must consider other factors. Do the doors have deadbolts? Is the loft on the main floor giving robbers easy access? Is it true that each resting room has two exits in the event of a fire? (It should, according to most fire regulations.) Is there street lighting nearby? Is there a working/non-working chimney in the apartment that could allow flames or creatures into the house? How does the electrical situation appear? (Although it may be challenging to decide, poor wiring is a significant cause of fires.) Jump here and there to see if the floor shakes.  

Examine the roof to ensure that there are no old releases. Is the apartment near a busy road or crossing point where a vehicle could collide with your home or yard? Is the house similar to a raging stream? What lies beneath a potentially dangerous slope? The vast majority of these things are beyond your control, and it is unlikely that something disastrous will occur, but it is critical to be alert. 

3. Security Deposit 

A security deposit is crucial in ensuring that the tenant pays rent on time and maintains the property as if it were their own home because it is important to protect one’s investment. When renting out a property, you should always consider these factors. It’s also important to remember that the more one invests in their property, the more they will profit from it. 

4. Can I make changes to the property? 

Some homes (typically those recently renovated) aren’t adaptable enough to hang pictures on the walls. However, slightly older homes have much more potential, even if they are not in the best shape. You are also more likely to be able to make changes, paint the walls, or even bring pets into the home. Depending on how customized you want your home to be and how much work you’re willing to put in, you should make this choice.  

Many people consider choosing a less developed location to be worth having the freedom to improve their home. Others may want to live somewhere comfortable that requires little effort. Significantly, if the property appears to need some TLC, inquire with the estate agent about the changes that have been approved. 

5. Parking 

Before renting an apartment, make certain that there is designated parking. Confirm how many parking spaces are allocated per unit if you have two or more cars. Check to see if there are any extra parking spaces for visitors. It can get ugly when your visitor arrives and is hurried because of parking; this can ruin the entire experience. 

6. Location of the apartment 

It might not be worth your time to commute an additional 45 minutes, take a train that only runs occasionally, or pay a higher fare for even the most beautiful apartment. Always verify your commute times and access to your usual destinations. Being up two hours earlier to commute to work will probably leave you cranky (and exhausted), but due to the weather, traffic, and other circumstances, you might be more likely to be late for work. 

Is the location safe, aside from commuting? Check the crime rates on that street online or via police advice. Also, try to walk around on the weekend as well as on a weekday to get a sense of noise, busyness, and any issues. 


Renting a home can be difficult, but following the six tips above will give you a better chance of renting a good property. Before signing any leases, you should thoroughly research neighborhoods and schools to ensure they suit your family. It’s also a good idea to read reviews of landlords and house agents to avoid getting stuck with someone who isn’t worth renting from. Also, check for mold or other potential issues before moving into your new place, as this could lead to significant problems down the road. 

To avoid any unpleasant surprises when it comes time to finalize the paperwork, you should also find out in advance which utilities and extras are included in bills. Finally, always ask questions about rental terms and agreements before signing the contract to avoid surprises later. 

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