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6 Reasons You Don’t Own A Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle

by Nathan Zachary
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Nowadays, there is a lot of discussion about kayak paddles. There are many distinct styles, and everyone has a preference about which is better. Some claim it doesn’t matter, but others disagree. It frequently relies on the kind of kayaking you plan to undertake.

We’ll assume for the purposes of argument that carbon paddle carbon is the best option. They usually enhance the entire kayaking experience because they are comfortable, light, and easy on your arms and shoulders.

So why don’t you have a paddle made of carbon fiber? Here are six explanations:

Reason 1: This Is Your First Kayak Trip

90% of people, in our estimation, fall into this category. You have little experience kayaking and even less knowledge of paddles. A paddle is a paddle, and a kayak is a kayak. How is it possible that one paddle costs $30 and another one $500? There is a significant difference, but it doesn’t make sense. Simply said, you haven’t paddled far enough to know.

2: The Paddle That Came With Your Kayak

You just bought a brand-new kayak, and it already had a paddle carbon. How can you tell if the provided paddle is made of carbon fiber? Your paddle is probably made of fiberglass or aluminum if you purchased your kayak from a merchant and they didn’t specify the type of paddle that was included. Neither aluminum nor fiberglass are defective. Although they are heavy, these paddles are ideal for novices. The difference between a carbon fiber paddle and a regular paddle is immediately apparent.

3: You Don’t Kayak Enough

This describes a large number of people. Even though you like kayaking, you don’t go very often. Even if you are aware of the distinctions between carbon fiber and aluminum, does it make financial sense to purchase a pricey paddle carbon given how seldom you kayak? Although we can understand, a good carbon fiber paddle can encourage you to go kayaking more frequently than a few times a year. merely stating

4. You Received a Paddle through Inheritance

“This paddle was used by my father 20 years ago, and it’s in perfect condition.” You are on your own if you fall into this category. You’ve persuaded yourself that antiques are more than qualified to complete the task. We aren’t saying you’re mistaken. Even though my grandfather’s typewriter is fantastic, it lacks a few things that more modern equipment seems to have. Older paddles are undoubtedly special and distinctive in their own right, but if you’re seeking for a smooth, stress-free paddling experience, it’s likely that a paddle that’s been around for twenty years is beyond its prime.

5 reasons You Like Big Paddles

Unbelievably, some people genuinely like using hefty paddles! There is no debate here. Paddle on if that’s what you like to do. Each to their own. Just remember that adaptation is okay. Newer technology can sometimes be superior. Accept it rather than resist it. Haha

Reason no. 6 They’re overpriced

This is the most frequent criticism of carbon fiber kayak paddle carbon that we hear. They are overpriced. Listen, we understand. There are some reputable businesses selling carbon fiber paddles for $200, $300, and even $400. They have incredible paddles, we won’t lie. They are genuinely fantastic paddles. Unfortunately, they are too expensive for the majority of people.

Our paddles have a carbon fiber shaft and polypropylene blades that have been strengthened with fiberglass. The shaft feels soft and sensitive in your hands and is quite light. The blades are sturdy and narrow, making them ideal for long distances and effortless, fluid strokes.

Our paddles, which come in 3 lengths (220 cm, 234 cm, and 250 cm) and weigh about 33.5 oz, are ideal for the majority of recreational kayakers.

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