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 6 Tips on Supercharging Your PPC Campaign

by Nathan Zachary

Is your PPC campaign showing signs of slowing down? Is your campaign not fetching desired results and conversions? Are you struggling with the campaign ROI? It is perhaps the right time to look at it objectively and change your course. Though Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the best digital marketing tools, it requires a regular audit to keep it aligned with the latest trends in the market. Your competitors are constantly improving their campaigns; if you sit idle, the campaign may show diminishing returns. Here are six tips you can implement to supercharge your PPC campaign and get higher ROI for every dollar spent.

Work on The Ad Copy

Your PPC campaign has less than a second to grab attention. You must start by focusing on
improving the Quality Score. You need to target the right keywords and write captivating ad
copies for this. Your text or images in your ad should mirror your target audience’s needs and
aspirations. Add a punch to the headline with stats or data that will grab attention and include
an emotional trigger that strikes deep in your audience’s mind. Your ad may be pitted against
several others on the same screen, and the content becomes the differentiator in such cases.

Separate Ads Groups for Mobile

When you are working with a professional PPC services, they stress the importance of separate
Ad Groups for mobile and desktop users. Internet browsing habits on mobile and desktop are
different, as most mobile users tend to type shorter text or use auto-fill suggestions while
browsing for products and services. There is also the increased adoption of voice-based searches
on mobile devices. Hence, you must have separate Ad Groups to gain maximum user
engagement across both these platforms.

Do Away with Clicks that Don’t Convert

There is a significant distinction between PPC and all other digital marketing techniques. While
your primary focus with SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing is to increase
visibility and engagement, the success of a PPC campaign is measured on conversions and ROI.
Your campaign will remain unsuccessful if it attracts people who aren’t your target audience. For
instance, if you sell iPhones at your store, you must avoid PPC campaigns that attract people
looking for budget smartphones. Build a negative list of keywords based on your campaign’s
past performances, and ensure you are targeting the right audience with the campaign.

Stop People from Jeopardizing Your Campaign

Clicking on competitors’ ads to exhaust their budget is an old trick in the book. Many
competitors do it, and this can lead to the wastage of your marketing budget. Recent studies
have shown that almost 40% of ad clicks can be attributed to bots. You must work closely with
your PPC service agency to stop people from jeopardizing your campaign. Excluding IP
addresses, running this kind of malicious campaign and making your ads invisible in specific
parts of the world can help you counter this threat. It helps improve the conversion rate and
powers your business to new heights.

Get The Timing Right

Supercharging your PPC campaign involves reducing wasteful clicks. Advertisers always talk
about the importance of “Place,” and the same is true for your PPC campaign. Along with it, you
must also assign due importance to Time. Studies have shown that people react to ads

differently based on the “Time” of the day. For instance, ads selling weekend tours on Sunday or
Monday won’t attract as much attention as on Wednesdays and Thursdays when people plan
for the weekend. The same would apply to ads for any other business. When you time it right,
you will experience increased conversions.

Match Ad Copy to Landing Page

The content on your landing page plays a crucial role in conversion. Ensure the content on your
landing page matches that of the ad copy. The content users find on the landing page should
immediately relate to the ad. For instance, if you are advertising accessories for a Ford pickup
truck, the same should be on the landing page. A user visiting the site and finding accessories for
Nissan or GM vehicles won’t lead to a sale. A misleading ad is not only a missed opportunity but
can also hurt your brand’s credibility and reputation. Work on the landing page before linking
them to any PPC ad.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, follow these six tips, and you will surely see more engagement and higher conversion in your
campaign. PPC is the most competitive field in digital marketing and also requires maximum effort at
your end. When you hire a reputable PPC service agency, they bring in the skills and expertise to
manage your campaign. However, no one has better knowledge of your business and target customers,
so you must share your input with the agency.

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