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7 Blog Post Ideas for Lead Generation

by Nathan Zachary

Today, consumers spend an average of over 70 days conducting their online research before buying. Some SEO services in Melbourne conduct the best approaches to help their business.

Content marketing strategy is the primary ingredient for SEO and digital marketing agencies. Why forget web design agencies? It is the approach offering the consumers answers to research and generating leads to fill up their sales pipeline.

The entire landscape for marketing has transformed. Some agencies are used to depending on advertising and directing out reaching to the customers. The agencies today are  harnessing content marketing to attract and inform their potential clients since the digital marketplace relies on relationships driven by buyers.

However, what are the ideal types of content for generating leads?

Today, we will discuss the top 7 blog post ideas for generating more leads and leveraging the content in the campaigns for lead generation for effective results.

1. Using ‘How-to guide’ blog posts

About 77% of the bloggers today are listing their “how-to” blog posts as their prevalent kind of content, as noted by SEMRush. When people are looking to resolve a specific issue, they instantly go online for assistance, where the “how-to” guide comes into action.

The digital marketer identifies the pain points of the audience. Always structure your how-to guide posts in a lengthy form that clearly outlines the plan of action for your readers. You can help handle the pain points where you will gain their trust by improving their credibility.

2. Blog posts focusing on thought leadership

Blog posts focusing on thought leadership are considered one of the ideal kinds of blog posts for raising brand awareness and establishing authority. The potential for the leadership posts is powerful. About 89% of the B2B decision-makers say that thought leadership affects their perception of companies. Irrespective of this, the B2B marketers often overlook leadership content.

Every digital marketing company has its subject matter experts, each having its wealth of knowledge. It can be the predictions, trends, and opinions on vital issues where you can tap into the knowledge for content positioning as your brand for industry thought teachers. Through the in-depth product research that you have performed according to the knowledge of the customers’ primary needs, you are positioned well to offer substantial answers for the audience you are looking for.

3. Blog posts on the webinar

The blog posts on the webinar are the best way to promote the upcoming webinar continuing with educating the customers once the event is done. In reality, the details of the information in a webinar are repurposed into the webinar blog posts several times.

You can summarize the primary takeaways for the webinar in a recap post in just one of several ways to repurpose the webinar content. There are other kinds of webinar blog posts that you can explore easily.

·        You can use a series of video blog posts that features smaller webinar clips

·        the posts can highlight the main question through the Q&A part of the webinar

·        there is a series of blogs that is driven by the small, however distinctive webinar quotes

You can attain double duty that is out of work already gone into generating the webinar with the help of the blog posts.

4. Blog posts on products

There are varied types of blog posts. However, a product blog post is the best way to showcase your SEO approach. You can highlight the benefits and features of the product where you can offer customers keeping a closer look at how the product effectively handles the pain points.

You can use the blog posts of the products in various ways. In your blog posts, you can include:

·        creating the anticipated new features

·        announcing the upcoming product updates

·        highlighting the product to compare the rival products

·        positioning the product as a top product under the list of the best products

5. Blog posts on Q&A

The blog posts on Q&A involve interview-style posts that feature your subject matter in-house experts or the industry leaders from the company’s exterior. Different posts are the most potent way to structure your brand’s authority. They can position the blog post by placing the target market on relying and offering the best information.

Additionally, you can develop credibility and trust, and there are Q&A blog posts that are the best for SEO. The perfect Q&A post aims at readers’ distinctive questions about the pain points. The outcome? These blog posts are rich with the keywords that matter most to your audiences.

6. Roundup blog posts

There are roundup blog posts that have been around for a long time, and they stay one of the most effective kinds of blog posts. In reality, the roundup blog posts are the main performing kind of blog post among the bloggers.

It depends mainly on the topic you choose for the post and the tip’s collection, for instance when your roundup posts are the best evergreen blog posts.

7. Listicle blog posts

There are blog posts that are listicles, the other kind of blog posts. The famous list of articles arises from the following:

·        use headlines featuring various works since they capture the attention effectively.

·        after your attention is captured, the listicle headline offers sufficient information that entices us to click

·        the format for the list benefits out of the fact where our brains prefer at processing information

·        the list formatted optimizes the retention of information by presenting chunks of information

To Conclude

Eventually, readers love to go through the listicles since they understand that it will be quick. It is the technique that is also used by the SEO services in Melbourne. They aim at the pain points of the markets where you can discover the ideas for the listicle from everything from the tricks and tips to the things you should avoid!

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