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Avoid These 7 PPC Management Mistakes in E-commerce 

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Avoid These 7 PPC Management Mistakes in E-commerce

If you’re managing a pay-per-click campaign, you know how important it is to get it right. But there are common mistakes that many ecommerce businesses tend to make. It’s easy to get lost in the details and end up losing money instead of making money with your campaigns. To help you avoid these rookie mistakes, let’s take a look at Google ads specialist verified 7 common PPC management pitfalls in e-commerce and what you can do to avoid them. 

1. Not Doing Research Before Launching a Campaign 

Before launching any type of ad campaign, be sure to research the market so you know exactly who your target audience is and what kind of messaging will work best for them. This means doing keyword research as well as researching competitors’ ads and landing pages. Knowing this information ahead of time can help ensure that your campaigns are targeted, effective, and cost-effective. 

2. Not Optimizing Your Ads for Mobile Devices 

With more people using mobile devices than desktop computers, it’s important to make sure that your ads are optimized for mobile devices as well. Not only should your ads be optimized for mobile devices, but also make sure your landing pages are optimized too since this will drastically improve the user experience on mobile devices.                                    

3. Not Setting Clear Goals or Objectives

Before launching any campaign, it’s important to have clear goals or objectives in mind so that you have something tangible to measure against when determining whether or not the campaign was successful or not. Make sure that each goal is measurable and achievable within a reasonable timeframe so that you can track results accurately and easily adjust tactics if needed.  

4. Not Testing Different Variations of Ads & Landing Pages 

It’s important to test different variations of both ads and landing pages if possible because sometimes small changes can make big impacts on performance metrics such as click-through rates (CTR) or conversions rates (CR). For example, testing different ad copy or images can often yield different results so be sure to test different variations before investing too much into one particular approach. Additionally, testing different landing page designs can also reveal which designs lead to better conversion rates so don’t forget about optimizing this element as well!   

5. Not Setting Up Conversion Tracking Properly 

One of the most essential elements of running an effective pay-per-click campaign is setting up conversion tracking properly so that you can measure its success accurately over time. Without conversion tracking set up correctly, it’s impossible to determine which campaigns are performing well versus those that need optimization or should be shut down altogether due to lack of success metrics being met over time—so be sure to pay close attention here!  

6 .Not Paying Attention To Budget & Bidding Strategies 

Another common mistake made by many ecommerce businesses is not paying close enough attention to their budget & bidding strategies when running campaigns on Google Adwords or other search engine platforms such as Bing Ads or Yahoo Gemini Ads Manager etc.. Be sure to set some realistic budgets upfront & allocate enough resources towards bidding strategies that will yield maximum ROI over time while still staying within budget constraints—this way you won’t end up overspending unnecessarily & wasting precious advertising dollars!   

7 .Not Refreshing Or Re Optimizing Campaigns Over Time  

Lastly, another rookie mistake often made by newbie PPC managers is not refreshing/reoptimizing their campaigns over time as needed—especially when markets change suddenly or competition gets fierce from other advertisers vying for similar keywords etc.. Pay close attention here & regularly refresh/re-optimize campaigns at least once every quarter (or sooner if needed!) in order keep things going smoothly & maximize ROI potential from each PPC investment made along the way!  


Managing a successful PPC campaign requires knowledge, dedication, and patience—but with the right strategy in place, there’s no reason why your ecommerce business shouldn’t see great success with its campaigns! Hopefully this blog post has helped highlight some common mistakes made by many ecommerce businesses when managing their PPC campaigns—as well as outlining ways in which these errors could be avoided moving forward for greater success. Also, Shopify experts can help you in maintaining your campaigns. Best of luck!

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