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7 Most Popular Bubble Tea Flavors

by Nathan Zachary
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Assuming it’s your most memorable time drinking bubble tea this end of the week and you’re uncertain of what drink you ought to pick in that ocean of air pocket tea determinations, this article may be your rescuer. You could try and like perusing the most widely recognized inquiries concerning bubble tea assuming you’re new to bubble tea. In any case, this article can likewise be for those that have previously attempted some air pocket tea however doesn’t know what different flavors are great to attempt.

No problem!

Talk Boba is here to educate you regarding the most famous air pocket tea seasons that are works of art as well as really tasty! (A great deal of these are our group’s top choices in the workplace).

How about we get everything rolling will we?

Dark Milk Tea or Hong Kong Milk Tea

The dark milk tea flavor or choice of boba is the unequaled work of art and some might say the dad of air pocket tea or boba. Everything began with this flavor and soon after numerous different flavors came to fruition.

For certain, this is the most well known boba tea flavor.

Being the untouched work of art and quite possibly the earliest kind of air pocket tea, it’s probably the case that it’s really simple to make this beverage for yourself at home as well. All you want is dark tea from your neighborhood store, commonly Lipton dark tea will in all actuality do simply great. What’s more, some improved consolidated milk, that is all there is to it!

Heat up a little water and spot two Lipton dark tea packs in a glass or mug. Let the tea sacks steep a piece for 1-3 minutes and afterward add your improved dense milk. Add however you would prefer, certain individuals partake in a better milk tea while some partake in the inverse. It’s all inclination!

Assuming you’re interested in the improved dense milk we regularly use, it is right here.

Have you at any point seen somebody tasting a purple air pocket tea like they can’t get enough of it? (That may be somebody from our group).

The taro milk tea flavor determination is truly outstanding and in the event that not THE BEST boba flavors out there. It’s smooth, flavorful and reviving. This kind of boba is commonly made with taro pull powder blend made for smoothies and air pocket tea.

Assuming you’re interested, the flavor of this flavor is nothing insane except for it is irresistible. Certain individuals say it has all the more a rich vanilla nut like taste, better than your commonplace vanilla milkshake or vanilla lattes.

For those that have attempted this, what is your take? Is it better than your vanilla latte at your neighborhood bistro?

One of our group’s go-to most loved boba drinks! This sweet, smooth and orange milk tea also called chilled Thai milk tea has a sleek surface and scrumptious profundity of flavor. Better than your customary dark milk tea.

If you have any desire to make chilled Thai milk tea at home there are truly two methods for doing this: purchasing a Thai milk tea powder blend in your nearby grocery store or making it without any preparation. One way or the other is similarly extraordinary yet like anything produced using scratch, it might have further flavors from zest fixings that are utilized.

In the event that you might want to make this without any preparation you’ll require flavors, dark milk tea, improved dense milk and obviously ice in a cup. The flavors differ from one recipe to another, however regularly you’d need to have the accompanying: tamarind powder, cinnamon stick (some of the time), vanilla or almond concentrate and star anise.

Check it out and tell us how it goes!

Unquestionably this air pocket tea flavor must be on this rundown of most famous boba flavors, even your number one bistros have this kind of flavor for lattes and different sorts of beverages. This lively gritty green looking boba drink is one more all time work of art.

Generally it’s produced using matcha powder blends that can be purchased on the web or in store with a sprinkle of almond milk, honey or other sugar and obviously the boba pearls.

If you have any desire to taste a natural flavor known to many, matcha milk tea is the flavor determination to browse. You’ll be aware on the off chance that it’s a decent matcha milk tea when the surface and consistency on the off chance that your refreshment is rich and loaded with profundity.

Assuming that you will pick this for your next run for bubble tea, make certain to get us one as well! On the off chance that you need, you can attempt to make this at home with bona fide green tea leaves, here’s a full recipe guide on the most proficient method to make matcha milk tea at home.

It’s generally difficult to come by places that make bubble tea with new fixings and not powders. However, assuming that you’re ready to find a boba shop that utilizes new organic products, make certain to attempt the honeydew milk tea.

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You will love it!

The slight pleasantness from new honeydew and it’s exceptional melon flavor makes bubble tea such a tasty and invigorating drink.

Commonly this boba flavor is made with honeydew powder or new honeydew, half and half or milk and a sugar like improved dense milk. With the right divides of every fixing, this kind of boba is so invigorating you’ll believe you should arrange another. (Perhaps without the pearls this time).

Honeydew milk tea is famous for those that like a daintily sweet milk tea.

Obviously, we were unable to leave out the staple strawberry drink all things considered.

I mean truly, what’s a choice of well known bubble teas without an overall number one, strawberry milk tea. Straightforward, velvety and berry delightful!

Generally made like some other air pocket tea, this requires a half and half, a sugar and the principal fixing, strawberry of some kind (powdered blend or new strawberries, clearly new is the most ideal way to go).

We normally like this air pocket tea flavor to have a surface favoring the thick and rich side as though it was a strawberry smoothie with custard pearls. Discuss scrumptious!

Earthy colored Sugar Milk Tea or Tiger Milk Tea

We saved the best and most famous boba flavor for last. On the off chance that you haven’t attempted earthy colored sugar milk tea or moonshine tea, you’re passing up a major opportunity.

This flavor was presented several years back and made renowned by, as a matter of fact, Tiger Sugar in Taiwan. Ultimately, it made its ubiquity into the US and Western culture for everybody to attempt.

Everybody adored it. What’s more, even got dependent. It’s famous to such an extent that a frozen yogurt bar must be produced using this flavor, and that too acquired such an excess of ubiquity that it’s regularly sold out in general stores.

Best of luck viewing as one!

To take a stab at making earthy colored sugar milk tea or moonshine tea at home, examine our recipe.

Figure out how to make earthy colored sugar milk tea here

That’s basically it, the absolute most well known bubble tea or boba flavors you’ll need to attempt assuming you’re new to bubble tea. Assuming you’re ambivalent about picking your next flavor, simply go down the rundown and see what boba flavor you like best! These decisions will not frustrate your most memorable air pocket tea experience.

We likewise have full recipe guides for every one of these 6 flavors above, simply search it here and you’ll track down it!

Assuming that you’ve proactively attempted these flavors, let us in on what your number one is beneath. Make certain to impart to your companion so you can at long last persuade them to go drink some boba with you as well. Gratitude for perusing the most well known boba flavors with us.

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