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7 Reasons Why Small Business in India Use Virtual Numbers

by Nathan Zachary
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Every organization needs a reliable communication system that is also adaptable to conduct its operations. Cloud telephony offers numerous alternatives to improve company communication and address issues. One such answer is a virtual number. It provides 24/7 access from any remote location, enabling you to connect with all your stakeholders without interruptions. Every consumer, whether brand-new or returning, contacts businesses with questions, complaints, subscription requests, etc., demonstrating the importance of communication. It comes in handy in this situation. But the development of cutting-edge technology has made it flexible and possible for a customer to contact a firm regardless of location.

Creates a local presence

If you are in charge of an outbound sales campaign, you may have noticed that prospects frequently hang up on calls from unknown numbers. By employing virtual numbers, you can better match the geographic area and increase call pickup rates. No matter where your call centre operators are located, this function aids in creating a local presence for your business. It makes it simpler for your potential clients to contact you when you provide local phone numbers. With a consolidated call centre operation, customer support centres can still provide local support numbers to their clients. Choose the Knowlarity to get the top-notch Virtual call center solution.

More than a number

The best thing about virtual phone numbers is that they provide more advanced and sophisticated features than standard phone numbers. Virtual phone numbers include many extra features such as call forwarding, advanced conferencing capabilities, SMS and email notifications, and customization. Not only that, but with highly effective business solutions, you can quickly obtain voicemail service and many other advantageous features.

Improved Analysis and highly cost-effective

One of the primary factors influencing much business decision to use virtual phone numbers is the availability of call analytics. The use of virtual numbers in conjunction with call analytics enables enterprises to manage costs. Additionally, keeping track of all actions at the business’s fingertips is made possible by monitoring all incoming and outgoing calls via a call monitoring dashboard.

Due to the ability to have calls within the business routed to another number automatically, virtual phone numbers are very cost-effective. Both parties involved in the call split the cost of each incoming call. Customers can be called at any time, location, or device using a virtual number. Virtual numbers can also be used with all current technology, including PCs, laptops, smartphones, and traditional mobile phones.

Removes the need for specialized hardware

Virtual phone numbers are all about affordability and adaptability. There is no need to invest in an expensive premise-based phone system or other phones for your company because virtual numbers can be easily forwarded to other numbers. As a result, virtual call center solutions eliminate the need for dedicated hardware.

Consistent branding for your company

Regarding business communication, it is critical to maintaining a professional image to facilitate consistent branding for your company. Once you have set up your customer service, you can quickly greet your callers with a custom message that includes your mentioned branding to let them know they have reached your company. Because the approach is so practical, you will have a professional advantage over your competitors. Furthermore, because virtual numbers are not tied to a device, it is simple to reach out to different departments, teams, and individuals. Simply by dialling the same number, regardless of where they are working from or who is to respond.

Significantly enhances brand perception

Without question, a company’s brand and business image are most important. Small business owners choose virtual phone numbers over physical ones because they may dramatically boost their company’s reputation without breaking the bank. This is because having a unique virtual number for each department or function significantly improves a company’s reputation.

Increases usage of advanced services

Using current services is made more accessible by virtual numbers. A firm can take advantage of the full range of cloud-hosted services with a virtual number. In terms of implementation, numerous services are available for that purpose, including call conferencing, virtual receptionist, call forwarding, a combination of SMS and email, and video conferencing. However, suppose the hosted solution is implemented in the cloud. In that case, a company can have a single phone system with internal extension numbers for staff members operating in various regions of the nation.

Progress your business by using virtual numbers

Virtual phone numbers offer a variety of advantages that cannot be ignored under any circumstances. Knowlarity provides an excellent virtual number, by using that, your businesses can improve their overall performance and cut unnecessary costs by using virtual phone lines.

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