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7 Things to Pay Attention to if you’re Looking to Hire a Dedicated Magento Developer

by Nathan Zachary

In today’s world, there are many Magento developers to choose from. But how do you know which one is the best for you?

There are a few factors to take into consideration when looking for the right Magento developer for your project. Here is a list of seven characteristics if you’re looking to hire a dedicated Magento developer.

  1. Work Ethic (Professionalism)

The most basic expectation one might have from a worker is a good work ethic. Professional behavior is the bare minimum that a worker of any industry can offer. Similarly, even in the field of eCommerce and Magento development, professionalism is essential. Good work ethic deeply affects client and agency relations. 

Sometimes, the importance of professional and responsible conduct exceeds even that of skill. This is because anybody who has learned the skills required to be a Magento developer can offer it. However, few offer these two very integral components of a good work ethic. The lack of these renders even professional level skills useless.

2. Communication Skills

(A very important characteristic of a good Magento developer is good communication skills. All of the very best eCommerce development agencies are built upon a few core principles. He/She should have a clear idea of the client’s requirements. Strong attention to detail is an absolute must along with a clear understanding of the in’s and out’s of a magento project.)

Moreover, the only way that can happen is if the agency fosters an environment conducive to communication. Meaning whereby, that it is the company’s job to initiate the line of questioning which determines the needs. More than a client knows their own needs, an agency knows what their industry demands. As a result, they have a better idea of what a client might need based on their criteria than even the client themselves.

3. Credibility and Magento Certifications

It is very important for a Magento developer to have the certification required for the job. The most basic academic qualification for a developer is passing the Magento 2 Certification Exam. This exam is meant to test the basic knowledge and skill level of a Magento developer. To clear it, they must be equipped with expertise and experience alike.

Secondary but equally necessary qualities they should have are creativity and innovativeness. This comes in handy with problem-solving and crisis management. In the development field, not everything is handled in a straightforward manner. Many times, creators rely upon unconventional means to create components of the software. 

This can mean revamping and customizing an existing shopping cart for a website. Or, it can also mean providing a distinct bespoke feature for a niche product client. This is why it is important to be creative about using software features. Additionally, many developers also do specializations to streamline and enhance their skill sets.

4. Proficiency in Programming Languages

A Magento developer’s sphere of expertise should include web development and query languages. Apart from knowing how to use Magento, there is a list of programming software that developers should know.  HTML, Javascript and CSS are part of the web developer starter pack and are building blocks of the field. This is why front-end developers should be proficient in using them. Moreover, backend developers, too, have certain programming languages that they need specialization in. These include Python, Java, PHP and Ruby.

5. Guarantee of Maintenance Service and Follow Up Support

What sets the best eCommerce development agency UK apart is how they follow up after their work is over. Any company can offer specialist services while they are dealing with you. But, if you hire a dedicated Magento developer, they will make sure to be just as particular about maintenance. It is just as important to ensure that all is going smoothly after the software is up and running. 

Many back and front-end problems occur after a site goes live, such as bugs, glitches and UI/UX issues. This is why it is necessary to have maintenance services at your fingertips in the form of a Magento developer who is just a touch away. In many cases, these services are also required during the curation process. A Magento developer and eCommerce development agency UK should have an understanding of how to resolve customer queries.

6. Creativity and Technical Skillset

A good Magento developer should have a balanced ratio of creative and technological skills. This means having adequate expertise in the web and Magento development departments. This also entails color grading, playing around with palettes and software features innovatively. This is particularly important for front-end Magento developers. Whereas, back-end developers need sharper technical skills. As a result, both skills are important, only the degree varies based on one’s department.

7. SEO Skills

Lastly, a very important factor that is often overlooked by people is having SEO skills. Many believe that there are plenty other specialists in an eCommerce development agency UK who can handle SEO. Yet, it is just as important for the developer themselves to have at least a basic knowledge of SEO trends, requirements and practices. After all, they are developing sites for the web, with the objective of garnering maximum web traffic. For this reason, having a basic know-how about the factors needed to promote a website is necessary. The best eCommerce development agency UK would ensure that all of their team members have SEO skills. 

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