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7 Ways Watch Lovers May Save Money

by Nathan Zachary
7 Ways Watch Lovers May Save Money

Can’t afford fancy watches? Feeling slighted because you can’t afford the nice watches you want? Frustrated when richer, less-discerning individuals get the best watches under $500? Nobody’s alone. Being a watch guy (or girl) may be challenging since many of the goods you desire are pricey. This is difficult, and we can’t tell you how to get best watches under $500.

Here are 7 strategies to enjoy as many of the best watches under $500 as possible on a budget. You may be a watch enthusiast and save money without becoming a watch blogger. For many watch enthusiasts, the extra time and effort will be worth it.

Test-driving watches are more enjoyable than looking at them. See 9 best watches under 500 review, what our authors think about a watch in these in-depth evaluations.

Forums And Ebay Have Deals.

“Too good to be true” is usually true when buying a watch. There are inexpensive watches like best watches under $500, but not too many. Probably not, if they are. Many cheap watches from unknown companies appear good in photos but are disappointing in person. You must know what you want before searching for watches on watch forums or ebay.


In the “good old days,” you might discover great discounts on ebay from sellers who didn’t know what they were doing or when there wasn’t much competition for unique, uncommon timepieces. Even though many people search ebay for watches, there are discounts to be obtained. Best watches under $500 discounts are “fair” and sometimes extraordinary. Ebay’s “saved search” feature e-mails you when new timepieces you want appear. You won’t have to keep looking for the same models or brands.

Saved searches alert you to new items and give you a sense of their value and availability. If something is popular, you may wait for “the perfect bargain” and save money at best watches under $500. Ebay sellers must be trustworthy. Buying from private owners may offer you a lower price, but the watch’s condition may not be as excellent as from a dealer’s.

Ebay has competition in online watch auctions, but they have the finest variety and best watches under $500 price.


People who purchase and sell timepieces frequently prefer to do business locally. This is due to trust and mutual understanding, yet it’s hazardous. If you’re in an established watch forum community with a recognized entity, you’ll be ok. Watch forums generally provide the finest pre-owned best watches under $500 watch discounts since owners need the money. You benefit from vendors’ timing constraints. This is particularly true when they cut the price owing to cheap interest.

When purchasing a watch from an owner on a watch forum, the buyer usually has the benefit, of best watches under $500 but you never know what will turn up. Do a saved ebay search using google alerts. “fs” (for sale) or “fsot” (for sale or trade) is widely used in forum postings selling watches. Google alerts e-mails you when it finds matching information online.

Kickstarter And Crowdfunded Watch Campaigns Are Risky.

Blogtowatch receives 1-5 emails a week regarding watch efforts on kickstarter and indiegogo. We don’t cover most of them. Fair? Do you claim kickstarter has great watches? Maybe, but we like to write about watches that are produced or accessible. A lot of the things on kickstarter haven’t been created yet, and occasionally it never is because the campaign isn’t completely funded or the project is too difficult.

The risk may pay off. If you “back” a good kickstarter watch project, you’ll receive a lot of watches for your money. As a consumer, you risk and are rewarded with a fantastic deal and something distinctive or unusual like Best Watches Under $500. Backing a watch project on kickstarter or indiegogo is a good method to purchase an affordable limited edition watch.

Be patient. Many individuals “invest” in a new watch project on kickstarter every few months so they may acquire new watches regularly. Backing kickstarter and indiegogo crowdfunding initiatives might bring you a lot of stuff for your money and cheap discounts, but there’s risk and a delay.

Pre-Owned Watches: Why Not? Maybe Vintage Watches.

If you don’t want to buy a new watch, look for a secondhand one. Used watches are like used cars. Items decline after their initial purchase, yet their intrinsic worth allows them to be sold again and again. Individual vendors or dealers compete to provide the greatest pre-owned timepieces at the best watches under $500.

Pre-owned watches may be a great way to save money and receive a watch in good condition Best Watches Under $500. You won’t be purchasing a new watch, and it won’t have a manufacturer guarantee, but in many ways, it’s the same.

Want To Conserve Money Or Spend As Little

Avoid old timepieces with unusual technology or components. If it breaks (or arrives damaged), it’s unlikely to be repairable. Good luck negotiating a reasonable price from the one guy in the world who can repair your unique old watch.

If you want to conserve money or spend as little as possible, a cheap antique watch might rapidly become a money hole when it needs maintenance or service. If you want to save money by buying a pre-owned watch, choose one less than 20 years old.

Watches: Save, Sell, Trade

Rich people may purchase new timepieces without much thought. The luxury watch business knows this. Because these consumers care more about “cool, exclusive, new, etc.” than price, high-end watchmakers try to appeal to them in ways other than pricing. Watches that were reasonable 5 to 15 years ago are now two to four times as expensive.

This implies that watch purchasers must be more selective. Most watch collectors purchase fewer watches and spend less buy purchasing Best Watches Under $500. This entails saving for and selling watches to finance new purchases.

A blog to watch authors and individuals i know spend little on new watches. They achieve this through selling and exchanging goods.

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