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7 Websites Where Retailers Can Order Used iPhone in Bulk

by Nathan Zachary
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Discussing all of the iPhone’s pros and cons in the blogs that we have been sharing earlier, one can’t deny the resale value it has to offer no matter if it’s been used or the next generation has been launched as it would be pricier than any flagship android phone. iPhone and its latest edition after some time have made it challenging for iPhone wholesale suppliers. The common reason people opt for used phones is because of the less price. Its affordability makes people rely on it. Where the accessibility factor counts as one of the pros of used phones, the same way there are cons that the customers are forced to ignore. The retailers buy iPhone in bulk and the purchasing in bulk sometimes results in buying some of the phones which might require repairing. As the buyer may not be able to check each phone before buying.

Pros of used phones:

  • affordable and come at a less price.
  • Anyone can use it for a longer period.
  • If used properly, it can be sold further.

Cons of used phones:

  • Purchased in less price with no guarantee of the phone.
  • If any issue is witnessed cannot claim.
  • Battery life problems frequent.
  • Any software issue or other part repair would be obvious with the use of time.

If we distinguish between the pros and cons of used phones. In USA, there are many stores that are selling used phones in physical stores and online all over the globe. To save your time and direct you to reliable stores in the USA below mentioned are seven retail stores where customers can purchase used iPhones in bulk.

2nd Life Phones

2nd Life Phones is an affordable retailing store in the USA. They deal as iPhone wholesale suppliers who are trusted for their products, and valuable feedback from their customers and they offer discounts to their new and existing customers upon their next purchases. Customers may also buy iPhone in bulk and continue to grow their own business or start, they give seasonal discounts also. For customer satisfaction before placing an order with them or purchasing, they can view customers’ feedback. 2nd Life Phones work globally and in the USA. So, distance cannot stop you from buying with them.


Amazon is a huge store for buyers and a platform or business for sellers where both earn good amounts of discounts and profits. Purchasing an iPhone through Amazon would not be difficult but time taking since it’s operational all over the world, so shipment to your country might take some time. 


Swappa has a different collection of used iPhones at its store. Mainly the older versions of the iPhone are more in stock as compared to the latest ones. They offer shipment all over the world. The quick service and prompt response make them among the best stores in the USA.


eBay is a store famous for gadgets, mobile accessories and various latest models. If we talk about the used models shopping, then you may refer to eBay as they would not disappoint customers in their service.


Gazelle is one of the trusted sellers of used iPhones in the USA. It purchases used iPhones not from stores but individuals. The phones are then double-checked by: inspection, repairing, and then selling those phones at affordable prices. 

Sell Cell

You might find the rhyming name unique. So is their service of selling used iPhones. It helps you find or purchase a good price for the used iPhone. Sell Cell is a known store in USA, where customers have both options of buying a used phone and selling a used phone of their own.


Verizon is a store where customers get both new iPhone and also certified used iPhones. Purchasing any iPhone with Verizon comes with certification, what could be best than this for a used phone? iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are currently available at their store with other latest models. 

Here are a few tips from us to you when you look for a used iPhone:

  1. Verify email, it is important and must not be ignored.
  2. Activation date must be double-checked.
  3. Check the battery of the iPhone you purchase as this is the most common complaint of users.
Why 2nd Life Phones?

2nd Life Phones are the recommended iPhone wholesale suppliers in the USA for two reasons: They bring the stock to the most affordable prices compared to other stores. Secondly, when they buy iPhone in bulk they ensure the products are double check and there is no hardware damage. To avoid any complaints coming from the customers after their purchase. They are highly recommended and a trusted store of USA shipping worldwide. 

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