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8 Easy Ways to Sell Cardboard for Cash in 2022

by Nathan Zachary
Cardboard boxes

The use of cardboard boxes has increased significantly since the emergence of online shopping. Everything you purchase online comes packed in a cardboard box. This allows you to earn some good cash by selling these boxes. It is one of the easiest ways to make money in 2022. Moreover, we understand that cardboard is a daily part of our life, and its use is growing daily. We will let you know how to collect and sell cardboard packs for cash. Furthermore, your efforts will protect the environment from unnecessary waste.

Where to Find Unwanted Cardboard boxes?

To sell the cardboard packs in huge quantities, you first have to find the places you can get these boxes from. Because your earnings depend largely on how many boxes you sell at one time. Some key factors play a huge role in ensuring how much money you make from boxes. One of them is the thickness of the boxes. While collecting, you must look for boxes that are thicker and sturdier.

You can get large cardboard boxes in bulk quantity from the liquor store. It is because most of the bottles come in thick cardboard packs. Moreover, the larger boxes are more valuable than smaller ones and can be sold at a relatively good price.
Here are a few places to aim at for good cardboard packs. So you can sell them for a good price range.

Your Own House

You can always start from your own house. With the increase in online shopping post covid, it is evident that you may have a ton of cardboard storage boxes at your place. So you can utilize those unwanted boxes to earn some good cash.

Friends and Family

Your Friends and family may have boxes they want to get rid of, So contact them and tell them that you are taking care of these boxes. You may get your hands on sturdier boxes for selling purposes.

Liquor Stores

A liquor store can be great for getting your hands on thicker boxes. And you can get the boxes in abundance. All you got to do is talk to the liquor store manager. And ask him if you could collect their unwanted cardboard.


Local restaurants can also be a good place to get cardboards as they sell everything packed in boxes.
But you need to ensure that you get there at the right time. You could go there right after the lunch rush or after a week when they have a lot of boxes to dump.

Grocery stores

To make some big bucks by selling cardboards, Grocery stores are the answer. But unfortunately, they have plenty of cardboard waste daily as they refill their shelves daily.

Where to sell Cardboard Boxes For reuse

Since you know most places, you can collect the Cardboard packs. Now the main part comes where you have to sell them. You may be interested about what could be the places that can purchase those boxes. We will surely inform you of some places that accept unwanted cardboard packing. And for the most common box size, you could expect to make from 50 cents to $1.50 per box. However, you can sell a special box like Gaylord for $4.


Selling decorating cardboard boxes on Craiglist can be ideal because you have the cardboard. And the buyer may have to come to your house or Business office to pick the boxes up. Additionally, when you sell on Craigslist, some businesses purchase cardboard and list their buying services.

Box Cycle

Box Cycle is a famous place selling multiple types of cardboard. After listing your boxes for sale, the box cycle gets in touch with all the interested buyers. You get paid for the boxes as soon as the buyer picks them up. Box Cycle lets you sell the following packaging materials:

  • Narrow Boxes
  • Mailers
  • Wine boxes
  • Pallets
  • Box kits
  • Moving boxes
  • Regular boxes
  • Packaging supplies

U-Haul Box Exchange

You can sell your Cardboard packs on the U-haul box exchange to families who are going to move into a new place. You can also use the exchange to get your hand on the boxes as many sellers look to sell their boxes for free on exchange.


Many people use eBay to sell their cardboard packs at a good price. Whether it is moving boxes, amazon boxes, or brand news boxes, you can sell all of them on eBay.

While determining your selling price, you must keep the shipping charges in mind when dealing on eBay.
Furthermore, if you have boxes in huge quantities and it is quite expensive to deliver them through ocean freight, you could use eBay’s local pickup services.

Used Cardboard boxes

The places where you can sell almost all types of cardboard packs. They even accept boxes that are in a damaged state. To start the selling process, you must submit your inventory size, quantity, and picture.

Final Words

People across the globe are making good money by selling only unwanted cardboard boxes. The unwanted cardboard packs are useless and only add to the environmental pollution. Fortunately, several places are buying such boxes and recycling them to be able to use them. It allows hustlers to make easy cash by collecting the boxes and selling them to the right places. 2022 can be your year If you know how to utilize it in your favor. Make money with cardboard packs. The time is now.

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