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8 Reasons to Move to Houston This Year

by Nathan Zachary
8 Reasons to Move to Houston This Year

Houston is known for having the best nightlife, food, and diversity in America, yet so many people aren’t sure about moving here.  Thankfully, the numbers speak for themselves, and there’s truly nowhere else like this amazing southern city.

These are the top eight reasons to move to Houston as soon as you can and why it’s such a charmer. 

1- The Best Food in the Country

Houston is a dream come true, starting and ending with the food here.  There are countless cultures that continue in this city, which means you can find delicious food regardless of what you’re craving.  From Korean fried chicken to Ethiopian goat and rice, if you’re craving it, you can order it.  The flavor in every restaurant is off the charts!  It’s worth moving for the food alone.

2- Affordable Living Everywhere

You’ll never look back once you see how inexpensive houses for rent in Houston are!  Although housing has skyrocketed worldwide over the last three years, and Houston hasn’t been immune to that jump, it’s still one of the few cities where you can get great lodging at an incredible price. 

3- Incredible Nightlife and Club Scene

Houston has been rated as having the best nightlife scene nationwide multiple times, and it’s thanks to the incredible clubs, active locals, and Texas’ drinking laws.  Locals go wild almost every day of the week, and bars and clubs downtown stay open every day except Sunday, which means you can vacation any time of the week.

4- Less Than Two Hours From the Beach

Although many of the lawns here in Houston are sandy, it’s not directly on the water.  If you want to go to the beach and splash in the surf, you only have to drive an hour or so to get to Galveston!  This beachy island is the perfect getaway when the work week is too stressful.

5- Countless Industries and Job Opportunities

There are so many industries and job opportunities in Houston that you could never run out of options.  Whatever career you’re interested in, from publishing to space exploration, you can find it here.

6- Fantastic Colleges and Schools

Education is important to furthering your career, so why not get one here?  The schools in Houston are highly rated, extremely affordable, and very technology forward.  You can get a quality education at a low rate.

7- Awesome Sports and Entertainment

The Astros have been out of this world for the last year!  Winners of the World Series in both 2022 and 2017, they’re an awesome baseball team to watch.

8- The Most Diverse City in America

Although Houston is the fourth largest city in the country, it comes out on top for the most diverse!  Being amongst people who are from different backgrounds breeds creativity, allows communities to grow, and helps people gain a sense of identity. 

Houston is a Dream Come True

Houston is a one-of-a-kind city that offers charm, great food, and awesome entertainment to anyone who gets to town.  If you’re considering moving here, now’s the time to take the next step! 

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