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8 Tips On How To Wholesale SEO Clients

by Nathan Zachary
Tips On How To Wholesale SEO Clients

SEO is a great way to make money online. The only problem is that most people don’t know how to start an SEO business. This article will give you some important tips on how to wholesale SEO clients and get started with your own SEO company.

Setup your Website:

The first thing to do is set up a website. You can use WordPress or a self-hosted site; ensure it’s ready to accept SEO clients. Start with basics, and add content as your business grows. Add SEO articles, and maybe even write yourself. Once you have some content on your website, work on getting traffic to the site. Use social media and email marketing to attract visitors and build trust.

Create a Personal Brand:

Next, you’ll need to create a personal brand. It means setting up social media profiles and getting active on them so that people will start following your updates. Don’t just use these sites as an advertising platform; interact with your followers and build relationships with them over time. The more they know about you, the better their chance of trusting you when it comes time to work together on an SEO project.

Use Money Keywords like “Cheap” and “Affordable” in your Content:

The best way to notice your website is by using money keywords in your content. People type these words and phrases in Google when they want to buy something online and are looking for a good deal. So, if you want more clients coming through your door, use these words in your content so that search engines can easily identify your site as an authority regarding the topic at hand.

Speak at Local Meetups:

If you want to get some good exposure, then consider speaking at local meetups. Meetups are a great way to build relationships with other people in your industry and help you get your name out there in front of new audiences. Make sure the meetup group is relevant to what you do before signing up!

Use YouTube as an Outreach Channel:

YouTube is a great way to make yourself more visible to people in your industry. You can use it to get your content out there or as an outreach channel. Start by creating an account and ensuring that you have good-quality videos that show what you do. Then, start sharing them on social media and contacting local businesses that might need your services.

Use Facebook Groups to Get Clients:

Many online groups are related to your industry on Facebook, with many people in them. You can use these groups to get clients by sharing your content, answering questions and reaching out to people who might need your services. Just make sure that you’re not spamming other members or promoting something that isn’t relevant to the group!

Setup a Referral Program with other SEOs and agencies:

One of the best ways to get clients is by using a referral program. So it is when you offer other SEOs and agencies a cut of your profits if they send you business. You can do it in various ways, including offering free services for every client that signs up under them.

Send clients that are too big for you to other SEOs or agencies:

Not every client is right for your business. If you’re too small to handle the client, send them to another SEO or agency in your area that can help them out. You can also use this to network with other SEOs in your niche and create new relationships with them.


Wholesale SEO can be a great way to grow your business and diversify your income. However, it’s important to have a plan in place before you start working with other SEOs and have some experience under your belt. You should also ensure that you have plenty of time for this work; otherwise, it could waste time on client-specific projects.

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