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How to Select Final Year Project Topic in BS Computer Science?

by Nathan Zachary
BS Computer Science

When you select final year project in BS Computer Science you can brainstorm for ideas by thinking about recent happenings or stories that piqued your interest in social or political events. You have strong opinions on aspects of computer science you are interested in learning more about personal or societal problems you would like to know more about or solve.

Search for ideas on websites related to the ideas generated. For example if you are thinking about a political upheaval or climatic change, you could browse through sites that discuss political issues or climatic issues. As you read through these sites, you will begin to form several topics based on these ideas you already have. 

For example: if I thought about Electricity challenges, when I start reading about news or browsing sites on electricity in sub-Saharan Africa I can start thinking of how to use my course (computer science) to solve the electricity problem. I could think about a Computerised electricity Management system.

Computer Science FYP Ideas

  1. Think about what you are interested in and what you want to learn more about. Your project should be something that you are excited to work on.
  2. Talk to your professors and classmates. They may have some great ideas for projects that you can work on.
  3. Do some research online and in the library. This will help you narrow down your choices and find a project that you are truly passionate about.
  4. Once you have a few ideas, sit down and brainstorm with your friends or family. This can help you finalise your decision and get started on your project.

When considering innovative project ideas, consider the following questions:

  1. What problem is my project attempting to solve?
  2. For whom is it solving?
  3. Why is it necessary to solve this issue?
  4. Is the knowledge and technology applicable today and in the future 5-10 years?
  5. When considering computer engineering project ideas, keep these considerations in mind.Check out the computer hardware course

While searching take note of keywords, as this will help you form a more focused research topic.

Avoid Overused topics:

Be wary of overused ideas when deciding a topic for FYP of BS Computer science. Some topics have been written about many times, you may wish to avoid such topics unless you feel you have a unique approach to the topic.

Read General Background Information:

Read articles, journals and papers on two or three topics you are considering. This will help you get an overview of the topic and see how your idea relates to broader, narrower, and related issues. It also provides a great source for finding words commonly used to describe the topic.

Remain Focused on Your Topic:

A topic will be very difficult to research if it is too broad or narrow. You can limit your topic by by geographical area, culture, discipline, time frame, population group. If your topic is too narrow or recent it will be more difficult for you to write as articles or other researches related to the topic may not be readily available

Make a List of Useful Keywords:

Take note of all keywords related to your research. Look for words that best describe your topic when reading related works/topics in encyclopaedias, articles and other research works.

Define Your Topic as a Focused Research Question:

Normally, you will begin with a word, develop a more focused interest in an aspect of something relating to that word, then begin to have questions about the topic.

Formulate a Thesis Statement

Write your topic as a thesis statement. This may be the answer to your research question and/or a way to clearly state the purpose of your research. Your thesis statement will usually be one or two sentences that states precisely what is to be answered, proven, or what you will inform your audience about your topic. The development of a thesis assumes there is sufficient evidence to support the thesis statement.

Final Note: Remember to follow instructions of your Lecturer/professor. If your topic requires writing applications (software) or constructing a hardware make sure you choose an area you can afford to do or complete within the time frame specified by your instructor. Read more articles for detail!

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