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A Better Shelf Placement With Our Printed Pre Roll Joint Packaging

by Nathan Zachary

The cannabis dispensaries are bustling with different pre-roll packaging brands. All the newbie and OG brands try their best to win the best spot at the stores. And that takes a lot of brainstorming, surveys, and advertising. But it is not that easy breezy for brands to cement their identity.

But here is the catch; custom pre-roll joint packaging is your saviour packaging!

Cannabis lovers are a sucker for customized designs, colours, and box sizes. They are ready to spend a fortune on exclusive and unique boxes. Whether you adore dispensers, counter displays, two-piece or sleeve boxes, you can count on our expertise. Moreover, we offer specially customized lamination, finishing, and add-ons to give an exclusive look to the boxes.

Make your boxes swoon-worthy with our marvellous services and steal the limelight at the display shelves. Sounds terrific!

Coin Your Identity With Custom Printed Packaging

Blank pre-roll joint boxes are a big disaster. It creates ambiguity in the customer’s mind and makes your brand repulsive to them. And the next time, the buyers will prefer to buy from your competitors because of their informative packaging.

The truth is the customized box is a bombshell marketing tool. It is not only used to secure the joints but also helps to market your brand at the global level. Therefore it is crucial to incorporate all the relevant pre-roll joint information on the boxes.

For example, print the brand’s name, joint flavour, and expiration date to educate the customers about the product. Next, do you want your cannabis brand to trend on social media? Incorporate your manufacturing address and social media links on the backside of the boxes. 

Pro tip: never add misleading or fake images on the packaging. Always print authentic, valuable, and relevant information. It will make your brand stand out, making it a hot favourite amongst the masses.

What Are The Jaw-Dropping Features Of Our Meticulously Designed Boxes?

Custom-printed pre-roll joint boxes provide maximum protection to the cannabis joints. We use custom inserts to prevent frequent bumping of the joints into each other. We design separators in various sizes, colours, and styles. Whether you adore cardboard or foam inserts, both materials are available. Get in touch with our packaging experts and tailor the inserts as you like—no more scattering or bursting of the joints.

Our material specialists use eco-safe paper for crafting versatile cannabis custom pre-roll packaging. The kraft and cardboard are 100% eco-safe, recyclable, lightweight, and durable and offer enough options for customization. Since customers are always looking for high-quality boxes, we guarantee our packaging is the best; trust us, our marvellous designs won’t break the bank.

Our boxes are a significant time saver with easy assembly. You will never find complicated or excessive packaging at our hub of perfection. Our packaging maestro is a dab hand at crafting all kinds of box styles without compromising on the functionality of the boxes.

Why choose iCustomBoxes?

Are you on a shoestring budget? We tailor wholesale cannabis pre-roll packaging as per your need. Once you order the maximum number of boxes, you can avail yourself of bundle discounts and special offers. On top of that, our packages are flat shipped; thus, it occupies the least storage space and reduces the shipment cost. Hence if you want to clean sweep in the fastest-growing market, this is your best bet. 

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, iCustomBoxes is one of the most skilled and experienced printing houses. The successful list of our A-list clientele proves that we are peerless in providing outclass packaging services. Do you know what our secret is? We deliver versatile, creative, functional, and affordable boxes to your doorstep! Are you worried about the hidden charges? Relax! We are here to facilitate your business and grow your customer base: no shipment cost, additional charges, or die-cut charges.

For your ultimate satisfaction, our graphic designers not only assist you throughout the customization process. But at the end, we also share a 3D sample of custom pre-roll joint packaging to give you an idea about the final look. Isn’t that cool? Hence make your brand confident and reliable with our bespoke packages. We are ready to go to great lengths for your happiness. Once you approve the packaging, we are all prepared for the production phase without delay.

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