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A Complete Guide To Measuring Product Dimensions Of Rigid Boxes

by Nathan Zachary
Rigid Boxes

When shopping from life commodities to luxurious brands, we consider the box in which these required products are packed for after-sale use. From the meat we eat up to the mattress we sleep on, we need boxes for safely handling the products, which are available around us in different shapes and sizes. Rigid boxes provide a better solution for after-sale long-term use material of luxury products; these items need careful shipping and maintenance in the long run because they help the customer keep their fragile belongings in the same place and remain damage free.

While taking into view, the main basic need of customers’ Rigid boxes is to be measured and designed to keep them practical yet compact and aesthetic.

To design and create good, practical and budget-friendly rigid boxes, some main points must be focused upon.

1: Understanding Box Dimension:

For Good packaging and damage-free delivery to the target audience, one brand must need the exact shape and size of the box as per their product dimension. If a jewellery brand has to ship its product in individual packing to the customer, Luxury packaging and a Customized rigid box is the best option. Rigid cardboard boxes are the best options for a food chain. Electronic items need boxes for damage-free delivery. It clearly means that every brand and business has its individual requirements regarding boxes and packaging, so their size and shapes vary from product to product.

Talking about the dimension of the boxes sizes there are major three types of dimensions

– Internal dimension

– External dimension

– Score-score dimension

Internal dimensions are ought to keep the product in its place and are considered to be the usable space for the product. This is a critical dimension as it is measured and mostly enlisted as weight, length and height.

External dimension only tells about the final size of any product regarding shipping, handling or logistics. It also refers to the protection measures of any product to save it from external factors and weather.

Score-to-score dimensions are used mostly when the boxes are made on the previous model or using the material. It consists of the distance between box scoring or folding and the box’s thickness and gage.

2: The style of the box is the explanation of its creation:

During making the measurements and structural design of any box, one main point needs to be taken care of the style of the box will describe the thought process behind it to meet the requirement and generate business for any brand. Nowadays, unboxing videos are the hot trend in social media and create a good or bad image of any product associated with the brand. Rigid box wholesale can be increased with the help of a good representation of the brand, and its size and style are aligned with the products packed inside it.

3: Choosing the perfect size:

For rigid box packaging, the box size must be by the product dimension and weight. Rigid boxes must be measured and designed to meet the requirements of pre-sale handling and post-sale life. Luxury products like perfumes, toiletry items, jewellery, and glass goods have their individual needs while packing and transporting, along with the product details mentioned on the boxes. Whereas if we talk about food items, they are mostly available in retail stores in rigid cardboard boxes.

4: Filled packing may affect the box dimension:

While packaging any product, brands use fillings for their safe delivery. Filled packaging ensures a damage-free handling solution because if a customer receives a broken item which is being shipped to him not only leaves a bad impact on the brand but also creates a revenue loss. Most companies use bubble wrap, corrugated paper, inflatables, crinkle paper, packing peanuts and many other items to ensure the excellent condition of the product. Many brands are switching conventional materials with eco-friendly items such as biodegradable packing peanuts, reusable printed papers and many more that prove to be an environmentally friendly step in restoring nature. These fillings can sometimes affect the dimension and size of the box, and rigid box packing needs to be upgraded to meet the packaging requirement.

5: Taking care of designing and printing:

While designing rigid boxes for retail purposes, the shape and size must be designed, which can be customized with the printing of slogans or insignia of the brand. Printed Rigid boxes add a stand-out element to a brand because these can be distinguished easily among the several other brands of the same product. Suppose a rigid box is designed for pharmaceutical products. In that case, it must include some description and precautions of the medicine, as well if a clothing brand has decided on the hard rigid box packing, it must include the 3D logo of the brand. So while designing rigid boxes, individual product requirements and target audiences must be kept in mind for effective branding and budget-friendly production.

6: Common mistakes in choosing the box size:

Most designers make common mistakes while designing the size and shape of rigid boxes. People think that all rigid boxes are the same and they can manage the requirements of all products similarly. Whereas the products vary in their dimension, weight and size. For instance, if a brand has to deliver a mattress to its customer, it needs a long cylinder box. The same goes for the set of elegant glasses. They need a corrugated box with compartments.

Beauty pageants go for individual packaging and boxing; if they deliver in a large box with a lot of bubble wrap, whereas the size is small, it must be the worst unboxing experience for the customer.

Wrapping up the discussion with the focus point is that while designing for customized rigid and corrugated boxes, one must take care of the size and shape of the product. Mismatched packaging and dimensional issues result in a bad customer experience and increase the cost of the product if delivered damaged. Management of both practicality and dimension accuracy is required for generating good revenue.

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