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A Comprehensive Analysis | Fume Extra Vape And Fume Ultra Vape

by Nathan Zachary
Fume extra vape

Fume Extra Vape Vs. Fume Ultra Vape

Fume is a top-notch brand of vaporizers that offers a variety of unique and extremely high-performing vaporizers. Some of the most well-known disposable vape pods and vape pens are produced by fume. One of the most popular disposable vape pens is Fume Extra, which has received praise from both seasoned vapers and those just starting out in the hobby.

The Fume ultra vape received a lot of buzz in the market due to the fame and attention that Fume extra received, and to be honest, Fume ultra did not disappoint vape fans. The Fume extra’s disposable pods proved to be less potent and effective than the Fume ultra vape.

Let’s look at some of the most important distinctions between Fume extra and Fume Ultra.

Fume Extra Vape Vs. Fume Ultra Vape – Nicotine Strength

The majority of people who use disposable vape pods are former smokers who are trying to kick the habit of smoking by satiating their craving for nicotine with disposable electronic cigarettes. Fume vape has almost nicotine strength of 5 percent in both their Fume extra and Fume ultra varieties.

The nicotine salt that is included in fume disposables is chemically similar to the nicotine that is found naturally in tobacco plants. Nic salts are significantly more effective than their synthetic counterparts and provide users with an effect that is felt almost immediately. Having said that, one can experience an intense rush from the nicotine by using the disposable vaporizers Fume extra and Fume Ultra vape, both of which come with nic salts.

Fume extra Vs. Fume Ultra – Puffs Count

Which of the two options, Fume extra vape or Fume ultra vape, provides a greater number of puffs? Those who want their vaping sessions to last longer may need to take more puffs than those who are content with a more moderate experience. Fume ultra satisfies the requirements of such vapers by providing a higher puff count than fume extra does. Because they come with 8 milliliters of e-liquid and have a capacity of up to 2500 puffs, Fume ultra vape allows users to indulge in long periods of time spent vaping. In addition, the battery that comes standard with the Fume ultra is more robust and can last for more than 2500 puffs

Fume Extra Specs & featuresFume Ultra Specs & features
Powerful rechargeable battery of 850 mAh capacityBattery with 1000 mAh
A Nicotine Salt Concentration of 5 PercentNic Salt: 5 percent
About 1500 Puffs in totalPuffs: 2500Puffs
Mechanism for Firing Activated by the DrawDraw is now active
5mL e-Juice8  milliliters
27 available flavors27 available flavors

Fume Extra And Fume Ultra, Which One Is More Effective?

To tell you the truth, both are the same, with the exception that the Fume Ultra comes with a larger capacity for both the e-juice and the battery. Fume extra vape and ultra vape both offer a diverse selection of flavors, making them comparable in terms of the flavor options they provide.

Fume Ultra vape is an excellent choice for heavy users of e-cigarettes, whereas Fume Extra is best suited for moderate and occasional users of these devices. Comparing the Fume extra and the Fume ultra, here are their respective specifications and features. 

Last Words 

You have complete details of fume ultra and fume extra vapes you can now choose wisely which suits you the best. 

Although vaping is less risky than smoking, it is still not healthy.  You inhale an aerosol produced by heating nicotine (extract from tobacco), flavorings, and other chemicals in e-cigarettes. However, when compared to cigarettes, it’s better to vape fumes.

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